FishEye Merlot 2003

Fish Eye Merlot 2003
FishEye Merlot caught my eye at the supermarket yesterday when trying to find a good cheap wine to pair with my pasta and chicken dinner.

Nice and fruity, I think the strongest aroma was plum. This wine was a good match to my dinner, and a good value for $5.89. I’d like to try their Cab one of these days.

Also, be sure to check out the Fisheye Winery website. Lots of fun!

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Rating: 7/10
Price: $5.89
Winery Info:
Fisheye Winery
Ripon, CA



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12 responses to “FishEye Merlot 2003”

  1. Steven Cochran Avatar
    Steven Cochran

    If you’re looking for a good cheap wine that will really surprise your palate and your wine sob frineds – try the Target Wine in a Cube Merlot. A 3 litre box cost about $14.00 and it will knock your socks off!

  2. Steven Cochran Avatar
    Steven Cochran

    I received a bottle of Fisheye Merlot as part of a Christmas package. As a former Riponite, I look forward to seeing how this wine “sizes” up. I hope it’s a keeper!

  3. Nate Avatar

    I just had the Cab from them. I bought it based on the price and review on this site. My wife and I enjoyed it! It started off a little hot but mellowed after being exposed longer. I probably should have chilled it down a little, 70 isn’t the best temp. Maybe if it was served closer to 60 it would have been better. Still for $6, it might be one of the better bottles at that price I have had.

  4. Anna Avatar

    Thanks for the review! I keep seeing this one, but didn’t know anything about it. I’ll buy it based on what you’ve said.

  5. […] Since everyone loved my review of the Fish Eye Merlot, I figured I’d give the Cab a shot. […]

  6. Victoria Avatar

    A friend brought the Fish Eye Merlot over last weekend, and when we first opened it up it was a little rough. It tasted a little metallic…but after about 10 or 15 minutes in the glass it was okay. For $6 a bottle I’d have it again…

  7. Tom Avatar

    i heard that this stuff was literally made from fisheyes and stuff like that but i dont know im gonna buy it and give it a try email me back if im wronge about the ingredients

  8. iQuack Avatar

    Tried Fish Eye cabernet and it’s quite good–especially for the price which is currently under $6.

  9. Woochun Avatar

    I tasted it on Delta flight from Seoul to Atlanta. I was impressed and googling “fisheye” let me meet your website. I agree to the comment of Victoria. It’s a bit rough and metallic but it became better as time went by. My favorite cheap Merlot is [Italian] Ecco Domani (Merlot) and please try it. I usually go to walmart to buy this. $8.95.

  10. David Karoly Avatar
    David Karoly

    The Fisheye 2007 merlot was very good. It is fruity and has a nice nose. The legs in the wine glass are long and clean. It complemented T-Bone steaks with baked potatoes and mixed vegetables quite nicely. It was my 55th birthday. I would drink it again on my 56th.

  11. rus Avatar

    I got this wine the other night from food lion when i was making steaks and fettucine alfredo for dinner and caesar salad and it went great with it!.

  12. efishinski Avatar

    Our new favorite wine ,found it same price as franzia box reds, but tastes like real red wine. We are telling everyone , thank you for this awesome value !

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