linuxdave — September 20, 2005, 8:28 pm

Foxhorn White Zinfandel

FoxHorn White Zinfandel

$3.00. That is the value my local market placed upon this beautiful bottle of wine. Let it be known that this is the cheapest wine reviewed to date.

Yeah, I know: I need to review Two-buck Chuck.
In time. I can’t be drinking the swill every night.

Not bad. Artificial cork, beautiful bottle as I mentioned. A nice color, and for a white zin, it wasn’t horrible. White zin is something I almost never have on hand, and rarely order while dining out. I usually drink it when it is mistakingly brought to me after ordering a Zinfandel.

Fruity, light, sweet and crisp, drink Foxhorn White Zin at a very cool temperature, and with a girl!

Rating: 6
Price: $3.00. You have enough change in your couch for this one!


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  1. Comment by Angie @ January 12, 2006, 2:24 pm

    I love Foxhorn wine! My husband and I vacationed in Punta Cana, and we were served Foxhorn wine. We loved it.

  2. Comment by Jack Riblet @ May 19, 2006, 9:26 pm

    The store was out of my regular Cabernat Sauvignon so I tried the Foxhorn and loved it. It’s a little over $6 a bottle here in NC but that’s still the cheapest on the shelf. I was prepared to pour it down the drain but was delighted with it instead. I tried the Merlot and found it to be very good also. Both wonderful daily table wines.

  3. Comment by Triin @ June 8, 2006, 5:48 pm

    Yes, it is a girly wine and being a young woman myself I must say, it is my favorite. Actually I am just drinking it as I am typing this comment:)

  4. Comment by petec @ August 22, 2006, 6:33 pm

    Yes I finally gave in and bought a bottle. I found it to be very addictive. I slowly consumed the wine, breathing in with every sip. The quality of the grapes was apparent after the first glass. Thank you Foxhorn for thinking about us as you make this remarkable wine.

  5. Comment by Tony @ August 25, 2006, 11:03 am

    We had a New Year’s eve party at our place, and my friend and I went to the store to get supplies. (food, drinks, etc). Well when we had to pick a wine, we saw this magnificent regal fox staring at us from a bottle, you guessed it folks, fox horn. The bottle itself is very cool, as the review above states, and the story on the back of the bottle is awe inspiring as well. Did you know that for hundreds of years the fox has been the “ambassador” of the area near or around the fox horn vineyards?!?! Try it, its a must!

  6. Comment by Wine fan Rob @ August 25, 2006, 11:06 am

    I’ve traveled the world on a quest for perfect wine. I’ve been to Napa Valley, the Champagne region of France and Australia, just to name a few. I’ve tasted some very good wine and have built a reputable cellar of my own. However, all those trips were for naught. The greatest wine in the world is available at a Cub Foods just a mile from my home. This wine is Foxhorn. I knew it was a quality wine when I saw the Regal Fox perched above his expansive vineyard on the bottle’s delicate artwork. I rate this wine an A++ and consider it a must have for anybody wishing to taste perfection.

  7. Comment by Evan @ September 16, 2006, 1:02 am

    I have tried two Foxhorn wines: the chardonnay, and the cabernet sauvignon. The chardonnay is the very definition of generic white wine, tasting like fermented grapes and nothing else. If you’re looking to get drunk without tasting anything interesting in the process, you coudl do far worse.

    The cabernet, on the other hand, is surprisingly delicious. I’m not normally a red wine drinker, but this is just the right balance between bitter and sweet, and a lingering aftertaste that keeps me coming back for more. I think I’ve found a new favorite cheap wine.

  8. Comment by Maria @ September 23, 2006, 12:23 am

    The merlot was cheap… 5.99 actually.

    And good lord in heaven, it tastes like acid. I cringed with each sip, before each sip even…

    If I wasn’t such an absolute alchoholic on a budget, I would have used it to bathe my dog.

    If you purchase this wine, hopefully by mistake, don’t even use it to cook with… it will ruin your food. Just chalk it up to a lost five bucks and leave it on the doorstep of someone you don’t like. Better yet, give it to the boss as a Christmas gift.

    True story.

  9. Comment by Margaret @ October 2, 2006, 12:34 am

    I purchased the Foxhorn Merlot and Cab. Sav., can not say enough how nasty and rancid it was. I would not even leave this for a perosn I did not like, I almost choked on the chunks in the glas, and the smell, made me want to vomit. Cost of 5.99 plus tax, would have rather given that money to the dam politicians…..hahahha,,,, should give them this nasty vinegar wine instead!!! DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP!!!!!

  10. Comment by Steve @ October 13, 2006, 12:20 am

    Not really bad at all for this cheap Merlot wine from Foxhorn. I have tried all kind of brands at all prices ranging from $5.00-$25 per bottle. This doesn’t taste like vinegar at all. Maybe the person who left the previous post should pour this on his salad instead.

  11. Comment by Sarah @ October 19, 2006, 5:54 pm

    Tried the Foxhorn chardonnay and liked it very much…price here ranges from $5 to $10

  12. Comment by Jeff @ October 21, 2006, 11:56 pm

    Sounds to me like Margaret & Maria are the same person…… and probably Foxhorn’s competition. I’ve been drinking the merlot for 3 yrs and it’s not because I can’t afford something more expensive. Everyone I’ve served this wine to has loved it! I think I’d stay away from a wine that those gals recommended.

  13. Comment by Liz @ November 11, 2006, 1:27 am

    Soooo enjoyed this light and delicate Cabernet Sauvignon tonight in a popular restuarant.I love my cab’s and have enjoyed many in varying price range.I thought I was in heaven and believed this wonderful drink of the God’s was a pricey wine until I googled it. Wow, I now have a new favorite ,less expensive wine that I believe is domestic to boot. Try It Your Like it. AAAAA++++++.

  14. Comment by LiLi @ November 19, 2006, 3:54 pm

    This is the cheapest wine i could find in nyc.
    I tried it mostly because i was looking for a cheap alterative for sherry.

    To be honest i found the foxhorn white zin a little too light? almost watery bland.

    i didn’t think it was awful, but it is what you pay for and i think it would be an excellent cooking wine to substitute for sherry in a pinch.

  15. Comment by Bridget @ December 3, 2006, 7:07 pm

    I have to say, Foxhorn Wine is quite an experience. I recently purchased a very large jug for the price of $4.99. A little pricely, but nevertheless, a fine product. My favorite part about Foxhorn is that you can drink it from the bottle that is still in the paper bag while wearing a t-shirt sweater with a goose on it without being judged.

  16. Comment by Janice @ December 19, 2006, 8:54 pm

    4.99 for the large bottle here in New York……love it !!!!! Better than more expensive wines I’ve tried….I prefer the Merlot. For the price…it’s great!

  17. Comment by william @ December 30, 2006, 11:51 am

    The Foxhorn Merlot is the greatest i can buy two big bottles for 13.99 at Krogers i think is to my taste and especially my budget you must be crazy to spend a boatload on a bottle of wine if you partake often(nightly) or even just on the weekends just seems sensible to me!

  18. Comment by Nikki @ January 19, 2007, 12:57 pm

    My husband and I are frequent consumers of Foxhorn Cabernet Sauvignon. We have also tried the Merlot. Chunks? CHUNKS?! Chunks of what?! Never noticed chunks. Never notiiced a vinegary, acidic taste. Perhaps the bottle that poster tasted came from a supermarket with very low foot traffic, and there was dust on the bottle she didn’t notice.

    In any event, I have Vindavi tastes on an MD20/20 budget, and my husband has brought home other inexpensive bottles of wine that I found absolutely undrinkable — literally, undrinkable — so I didn’t drink them. I was born and raised in New York City. Venus was in Virgo when I was born (feel free to look that up). I am picky. Nitpicky even. Particular, with bizarrely refined tastes. I chose no wine to drink rather than drink that stuff, and this is saying a lot as I’ve become a virtual wino in recent years. If Foxhorn wasn’t delicious, I would most definitely notice.

    Yes, if you’re throwing a dinner party, or bringing a gift to one, if you have a special occasion, treat yourself and break out the bucks for a more expensive precious bottle of wine, but as for daily drinking, you can’t go wrong with Foxhorn.

    I can’t comment as to the white zin or other whites. I’m very rarely a consumer of white wines, and when I do, I tend to be particular (my personal favorite is called “The Other,” priced at about $14.99 per bottle. It has a very distinctive sketch of a woman, seated, nude, and drawn from behind her.). If I needed white wine to cook with, however, I’d have no qualms about using a Foxhorn wine given what I know about their reds.

  19. Comment by Cory @ January 22, 2007, 9:13 pm

    Attempted to consume the Foxhorn Merlot. Fake Cork….Bad Taste…I have to rinse my mouth out with Gas…Be right back….enough said. Do Not Waste the 5.99

  20. Comment by Suzy @ February 3, 2007, 8:36 pm

    Have only had the Foxhorn Cab, but plan to purchase the Foxhorn Merlot next (along with more Cab!). Was just $2.65! Thought the label quite fetching; so, against my instincts and general past experience, fetched. Couldn’t believe my good fortune! Its $5.99 predecessor hadn’t had half the body, satisfying depth of flavor, reasonable balance, or pleasant finish. I recommend it as a superb sipping wine. Or pair it with Marinara drenched fried mozarella sticks and a Vintage film.

  21. Comment by Dick @ February 10, 2007, 11:43 am

    These Foxhorn wines are a bargain. I regularly drink the chardonnay. I also like the cabernet and merlot. I like the cork closure that does not need a corkscrew and easily recloses. There are brands of these wines that I like better but they cost much more. For everyday wines these are great.

  22. Comment by Bonnie Towles @ February 17, 2007, 1:10 am

    I stumbled upon this wine while vacationing in Key West … I was amazed. Although literally the cheapest wine available there or at my local store, the Foxhorn reds and Chardonnay are as good as wines costing far more, including many of the touted Australian wines. I highly recommend Foxhorn … including the label, which is beautiful.

  23. Comment by Robert Parker @ March 9, 2007, 12:30 pm

    Have you people lost you G’dam minds? This stuff is swill. It makes Yellow Tail look like and 82 Bordeaux. $3 a bottle for the CAb and Merlot. The appellation is america. That would be like saying wine is from Europe. Have you no concept of climate, terroir etc. This crap is fermented in rusty tanks with dead animals I presume. Possibly a dumpster somewhere is south fresno

  24. Comment by Russ @ March 14, 2007, 1:12 am

    Had the good fortune to go Spain, Greece, Panama, Austria, Ireland, and live in Germany.This Fox-Horn Cabernet Sauvignon was equal to and in a few not-to-be-mentioned exceptions better than some tasted abroad. As far as the cork goes, the “quick cork” appears to be made of cork,and if not “frankly wine-snobs I dont give a hoot”

  25. Comment by jeff @ April 18, 2007, 5:51 pm

    i have never tasted wine and finally brought a bottle the only reason i chose foxhorn was it had a fox on it im a hunter but it was to strong you ned to add more flavor all i could taste was alc.

  26. Comment by Suzy & Bob @ April 24, 2007, 3:00 pm

    We just purchased our first bottle of Foxhorn Shiraz and it is amazingly good! Hubby is a wine snob about his Shiraz and loves it..smooth, spicy and great with cheese.

  27. Comment by Tracy @ May 24, 2007, 9:32 am

    I bought my first bottle of Foxhorn Merlot yesterday at my local IGA. I must say I was rather suprised. First the price and then the taste. It was rather good.Not as strong as other Merlot’s I have tasted but it was a nice wine to sit and sip and even entertain. I would buy it again with out a doubt.

  28. Comment by Kent Atherton @ July 6, 2007, 3:27 pm

    A frend of mine who went to wine-tasting school told me about this wine saying the Cab and the Merlot were incredible – I said ‘sure… $5.99??’
    Well, I’m glad I didn’t say I’d eat my hat because this wine is a little GEM. We’ve been drinking the Merlot for 2 months now as a daily table wine and we’re as pleased as can be.
    I can’t believe they can produce such a fine tasting wine at such an economical price. (When we have company, we pour our Fox Horn into a decanter and place the more expensive bottles of wine around it. Our guests INVARIABLY ask us the name of the wine in the decanter! They think it’s expensive stuff!!!! Shhhhhh!!!

  29. Comment by Bill Long @ August 16, 2007, 1:12 pm

    They’re selling Foxhorn wines for $2.99/bottle here in Maryland. I’ve tried the Merlot and am very happy with it. I plan to buy more and try the others.

  30. Comment by Bill Long @ August 21, 2007, 7:33 am

    Last Sunday I received, with my newspaper, an advertisement from a local (Maryland) liquor store that has a humongous selection of wines. For each wine that was advertised, there was description. Here’s a sample description of a Chianti: “Fresh cherry fruit flavors, spicy notes with soft, sweet tannins and an admirable finish are the hallmarks of this fine wine.” A cabernet is described as: “Flavors of dried cherries and plums are framed by coffee, spice and leather carried across the palate by a lush, softly, tannic texture.”
    Now, I wonder what kind of people there are that can come up with such discriptions!! Are they for real? Is there something missing in my nostrils and taste buds? I love wine, but to me, wine is either sweet or dry, light or full, real good, very good or OK. I wonder how something made from grapes can acquire the taste of cherries, plums, coffee, spices etc?

  31. Comment by George @ August 26, 2007, 4:32 pm

    Maria, Maria – tut tut – Really now – if you weren’t an absolute alcoholic you would use it to bath your dog? My dog would love to be bathed in the Merlot – even the fleas would like this stuff! and it is cheaper than Sergent’s Dog Soap plus it is more flexible. Say for example your date turns out to be a dog – like you for example. Voila! Serve them Foxhorn! I Love this stuff. Tonight I will kiss my dog on the mouth after she rinses with Foxhorn.

  32. Comment by Steve D @ October 3, 2007, 11:03 pm

    I tried my first bottle of Foxhorn Merlot tonight and was very pleased. At $5.99 FOR 1.5 L This is a real bargain and a pleasant Merlot. The bottle (corked but no need for a cork screw) got my immediate attention. The full color and mild taste will have me buying Foxhorn again. This red goes well with a late night snack (crackers & cheese or smoked oysters).

  33. Comment by Sara @ November 12, 2007, 10:51 am

    I was visting Boston and the white zinfandel happened to be on the menu of a little place in the North End. I love a good white zinfandel and I like foxes so I figured I would give it a shot, and it was fantastic. By far one of my favorite wines.

  34. Comment by Kate @ December 5, 2007, 10:17 pm

    Love the post by Nikki – this is a great wine for the price

  35. Comment by Mark @ January 1, 2008, 3:09 am

    I like it.

  36. Comment by Foxhorn Victim @ January 4, 2008, 5:39 am

    I bought the Sauvignon Blanc, only because I couldn’t find the brand that I usually get. It tasted HORRIBLE!!!! Kinda tastes like the fake cork that I screwed off of it! (Which, by the way, is sacrilege in itself; wine bottles should never have screw-off tops!) I imagine this is what toilet water would taste like….

  37. Comment by Arthur @ April 4, 2008, 3:44 pm

    Been sticking to St. Emilions. Just tried a Foxhorn Cabernat and a Merlot. Nice wines. Very satisfying and smooth. Finiished off my St. Ermilions and replaced with Foxhorns. Try it you’ll like it.

  38. Comment by shelley @ April 9, 2008, 4:23 pm

    Purchased the Fox-Horn Cabernet Sauvignon because of the bottle. It is a great price for the wine..3.99 bottle in Georgia. I have since purchased it 4 more times. Excellent while you are relaxing and chatting with friends. Couldn’t believe how good it was for the price!

  39. Comment by Arthur @ April 10, 2008, 11:17 am

    I am on my 3rd bottle of Foxhorn Merlot. The quality from bottle to bottle is quiite good. These people have good quality control

  40. Comment by Marge @ April 18, 2008, 6:07 pm

    Chardonnay is the absolute best! My husband and I have become your biggest admirers. We celebrate every night and ask for it on vacation in Hawaii. Sure beats 2 buck Chuck. I buy it by the cases so we don’t run out. If we could only visit the winery and wreak the benefits….huh?

  41. Comment by Miguel @ May 24, 2008, 5:44 pm

    I’ve tried the Merlot @ $2.99 (Maryland) and I must say I find it very drinkable. A good choice for sitting on the deck talking with friends. After all this site is Cheap Wines!

  42. Comment by Kevin Murphy @ June 16, 2008, 9:29 pm

    $5.99 for the 1.5 L bottle of Merlot here in Virginia. They could get that and more for the 750ml. Good stuff!!!
    Have their marketing people call me.

  43. Comment by John @ June 18, 2008, 1:29 pm

    I love Foxhorn wine. Gives me the least hangover lol

  44. Comment by Nick @ June 21, 2008, 1:53 am

    Was at a Seattle eatery (LockStop). Asked for the freshest and cheapest red they had – waitress said it was Foxhorn and her favourite. Expecting something thin and acidic, I was stunned. Don’t know if a bottle was switched, but it was one of the best Merlot’s I have ever had in 40 years of swilling. Maybe I’m depraved, or deprived, but I’ve had a lot of Merlot go under the bridge, and this was superb. Smoky, rich, spicy, & smooth (but little vanilla to my taste – so if oaked to sleek it, cdn’t say) strong and warm. One glass was a good bellyfull.

  45. Comment by Binny @ August 19, 2008, 7:30 pm

    My favorite!!!

  46. Comment by Liz @ August 30, 2008, 10:32 pm

    Got tired of reading all the wind-bag language of all the wine snobs, but I did want to leave this post about my beloved Chardonnay: This wine does its job. It is pleasantly delicious and inexpensive. It never causes a headache. I’m happier after I have a glass than before. My guests always enjoy it. Isn’t that enough?

  47. Comment by Doug @ September 18, 2008, 11:34 pm

    Foxhorn was on sale at our local grocery store for $3 a bottle. I grabbed a bottle of white zin and thought, “Even if we don’t like it, its only a few bucks.” Holy Smokes! I really liked it and my wife claims it as her new favorite wine. I’m trying the cab tonight.

    Great surprise!

  48. Comment by Carl Newhouse @ October 4, 2008, 1:55 pm

    I used to kid my son about the Foxhon and its cheap price until recently . I called him and apologized for
    my remarks . Tastes great , try it !!!

  49. Comment by Karen Maumenee @ October 12, 2008, 8:48 pm

    OMG… loved it when I tried it… bought a case and every 3rd bottle was BAD!!!! Tried another case of a differnet flavor and it was the same way! WILL not be buying Foxhorn again!

  50. Comment by danni @ December 2, 2008, 8:02 pm

    Tried the shiraz and thought it was very watery. Would not buy again.

  51. Comment by Joel @ May 4, 2009, 9:10 am

    My wife and I buy the Chardonnay by the case. Drink a glass or two every night. Love it.

  52. Comment by kevin @ May 12, 2009, 5:47 pm

    try the pinot! it is pretty good sip. Compared to others in that price range it will surprise you.

  53. Comment by JHot @ June 18, 2009, 11:24 pm

    First tried Foxhorn Chardonnay about a year ago. I loved it. Decided to switch it up for this summer of 09′ with the White Zinfandel. Very refreshing. And in about 40 mins I will be opening the bottle to my left. (Foxhorn White Zinfandel) Peaceeee.

  54. Comment by Stacy @ July 2, 2009, 6:06 pm

    My husband and friends LOVE FOXHORN!!!! They are the best for the price and we cannot get enough! We actually get angry when oiur local store is out. Never had chunks in my wine before, perhaps she was delusional from too much wine. anyway, the best wine ever! Buy it all the time for ourselves and company.

  55. Comment by jim @ July 6, 2009, 8:47 pm

    I’m sipping a glass of Foxhorn Merlot as I type this and while my chicken is cooking. For a $3 bottle of wine, it’s just fine. Nothing special or memorable, and a little weak, but there’s nothing objectionable at all about the taste–no bitterness or vinegary taste. Nice and fruity. I refuse to wash down a two dollar meal with a ten dollar bottle of wine, so I’m very pleased.

  56. Comment by Christine @ July 26, 2009, 6:31 pm

    LOVE LOVE LOVE me some foxhorn….like so many have said from the adorable little fox on the bottle to the budget friendly price…foxhorn has gotten me through many a school paper, issue, day etc…

  57. Comment by Cheri @ September 21, 2009, 9:21 pm

    i purchase this at CVS when the ABC store closes at nine, and i cant get to a bar. the white zin is pretty good if u have $4 and a desire to get a little woozy. not bad at all.

    now, i have had chunks in wine…it was always a merlot though, and had been sitting for QUITE a while. im not a red drinker though. i taste it, but prefer to cook with it.

  58. Comment by Mary @ October 17, 2009, 7:56 pm

    My husband and I just bought this while we were on a trip and just bought one bottle of Merlot. We are very, very sorry we didn’t buy more. We loved it. My husband is going to that area again in another month and said he is going to try and buy a case. We have had a lot more expensive wines and this wine is comparable to them. I agree with Jeff, Marie and Margaret must be from the competition.

  59. Comment by Michelle @ November 23, 2009, 10:30 pm

    I accidently purchased Foxhorn because of the price to fill up my wine shelf and finally took the bottle down because I invited my neighbor over for a glass of wine. Well I realized she didn’t care for the taste of red wine (which I usually drink), so I opened up the bottle of Foxhorn Chardonnay. I put the rest of it into the refrigerator. A few days later, I decided to have a glass just to taste and it tasted amazing!!! I could not believe that I had this great tasting wine in my house for almost two years and never tried it. So guess what I did? Went out and bought more… Thanks for keeping it affordable Foxhorn…:-)

  60. Comment by Dan @ December 12, 2009, 11:54 pm

    You reviewed 2 buck Chuck and Crane lake as if they are different wines but they are from the same winery Bronco Wineries of California.

  61. Comment by Bjorn @ December 13, 2009, 5:36 am

    I love trying new wines & recently I discovered Foxhorn Vineyards of Australia. Saturday I made veggie bow-tie pasta served with a Mediterranean white bean, spinach, onions, olive oil, garlic, wine, & pinen-nut dish. The Foxhorn semi-fruity Chardonnay was perfect with it.

    The Merlot is simply divine, I wish my local stores stocked all the Foxhorn varieties. Don’t be alarmed by the affordable price, the taste is smooth, delightful, & the best wine bargain on the planet…for how much longer who can say? Enjoy it now, you won’t be sorry. Incidentally I’ve been in the restaurant business a long time & have such discriminating tastes I was bloody astonished by the excellence of Foxhorn wines.

  62. Comment by zafa @ December 18, 2009, 9:16 pm

    I love you Foxhorn!

  63. Comment by Josh @ January 18, 2010, 9:56 pm

    I tried the Foxhorn Merlot (1.5 liter with screwtop for 6 bucks at Publix) and was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t great by any means, but I’ve had much worse wine at a much higher price. The screwtop was nice, too, because I was able to drink a glass or two every other night or so for around a week. I’ll be buying more for sure.

  64. Comment by Sue @ February 18, 2010, 12:33 am

    I bought the Foxhorn Cabernet tonight because they were out of my favorite and it was cheap. I just came one here to see what other people said and to make sure it wasn’t rancid. Luckily several people confirmed the rancid, foul taste of the stuff. It smells like rubbing alcohol….I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to die from it.

  65. Comment by Slicker @ April 2, 2010, 8:56 pm

    I am laughing my a$$ off reading these reviews, slowly getting drunk on Foxhorn Chard from my grocery store. It’s not bad! I only paid 2 bucks. These reviews are bustin my gut.

  66. Comment by Pam @ April 6, 2010, 2:23 pm

    Foxhorn Merlot is just wonderful. I’ve never gotten a bad bottle and I was just crazy about the cork situation before they changed to the screw top. That really made it quite convenient and easy. I’ve been a fan for at least 7 years and find everything about it to be just right….especially the price! What a value! Even my husband who normally wouldn’t think of drinking such a cheap wine likes it very much. It must be very popular in my area because I find that my favorite store is sold out of the Merlot quite often. Word has gotten out!

  67. Comment by mILTON kUPFERER @ May 15, 2010, 10:57 am


  68. Comment by jim @ November 3, 2010, 1:50 pm

    I’ve just tried the Cab-sav here in Philly for $7, and was pleasantly surprised. Always looking for the drinkable cheapie and they can be hard to find.
    No nasty sour or bitter taste and even has a bit of deliciousness in the aftertaste. My guess is that Foxhorn is a “trader joe’s” of wine – shop around for bargain surplus Oz wines, and blend them skillfully for good taste. This wine “fell through the cracks” of the wine industry.

  69. Comment by Claire @ January 12, 2011, 5:27 pm

    I love that more wines are coming with screw tops, I’ve always hated corks and trying to re-cork and wine stoppers not fitting, so screw tops are keen to me and all the large bottles of Foxhorn come in screw tops.
    I have had the Foxhorn white wines and they are all fantastic, the white zinfandel is the best out of all them. I did not like the merlot, there are better screw top merlots you can get it might be worth the extra buck or two.

  70. Comment by Mary Ellen @ April 16, 2011, 7:03 pm

    Thanks for this terrific website!! I just saw the 150 ML bottles 3 for $10. at a local discounter. Didn’t have any frame of reference, so I passed. After reading these reviews, I’m going back tomorrow for $20 worth!

  71. Comment by Steve @ June 16, 2011, 7:56 pm

    Foghorn cab. 9.99 for a mighty big bottle. Good James May of Topgear would love it.

  72. Comment by Raelynnn @ June 22, 2011, 7:37 pm

    Just a poor college student who is new to drinking wine. 7.49 for a bottle of white zin and some fresh strawberries is all i need after a long day of work or studying :)

  73. Comment by Wendy @ January 20, 2012, 5:37 pm

    I totaled the negative vs the positive. The positive is the definitely the winner! What the average person thinks and tastes is what matters to me; not interested in what the wine snobs think. I’m going to check Foxhorn out and get back with my review. Thanks for your site…very helpful.

  74. Comment by Shawn @ February 21, 2012, 4:14 pm

    I adore this wine. I have used the Chard and the Cab many time for cooking and then proceeded to finish the bottle while eating! It’s great and for the price you cannot beat it!

  75. Comment by Beck @ March 7, 2012, 1:47 am

    Well, I have only recently discovered Foxhorn’s Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio – per the sticker it has a rating of 87, which is rather good, and I agree. It is way easier (too easy) to drink than a pure chardonnay, and I have purchased the 1.5L bottle at $6.99-9.49. And have NO complaints re the price/value ratio. After reading the previous comments I may try a red, which are my typical favorites, if I can find one around here. Perhaps the winery outsources some stock if low and that is the cause of the rarer negative comments (considering we are commenting on an inexpensive wine this should be taken into consideration). AND I need to say, eh? re the following post: “I bought the Sauvignon Blanc, only because I couldn’t find the brand that I usually get. It tasted HORRIBLE!!!! Kinda tastes like the fake cork that I screwed off of it! (Which, by the way, is sacrilege in itself; wine bottles should never have screw-off tops!) I imagine this is what toilet water would taste like….” I have no experience with the Foxhorn sav blanc, and I realize the post is slightly dated, but the absolute best sav blancs in the WORLD come from New Zealand, and ALL of them have screw tops! I thought that law (it is such) was instituted before 2008, but perhaps not…the wine will wreck the memory no doubt.

  76. Comment by ALEXANDRE PESSOA @ July 5, 2012, 3:38 pm


  77. Comment by elizabeth sevilla @ May 3, 2013, 5:25 pm

    I love the Fox Horn Merlot found it at xmas but cannot find it anymore. where can I find it here in the Antelope Valley, CA

  78. Comment by moose indian @ October 25, 2013, 7:35 pm

    some of these people are #$%^ing crazy. Foxhorn merlot barely tastes better than md 2020 grape. Strait up vinegar swill. want cheap wine to sip, but the walmart brand at half the price. defending it is either finding shelter in ignorance of wine, or admittance in one’s love for the taste of urine.

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