4 Easy Steps for a Cheap Wine Connoisseur

winesnobWant to look like a wine connoisseur at your holiday party this year? If you’re bringing wine to a party, you should probably be able to say something about it. Here are a few simple steps that will allow anyone to give a simply, yet thoughtful review of any wine. Just remember the 4S’s:

1. See it – Take note of the color (beyond just red or white). A white wine will be darker in color if it is older. Red wine will be lighter the longer it is aged.  These are general rules, and certainly don’t apply to every wine.

2. Swirl it – Try to coat the sides of the glass with the wine. This will help bring out the aroma for the next step…

3. Smell it – Close your eyes and really smell it. See if you can pick up different types of fruits or spices. For me, it helps if I run through a mental list of fruits while continuously smelling. See if you can smell any hints of grapefruit, strawberry, or chocolate in your red wine. Smell for citrus, honey, or vanilla in white.  Then compare with the label, which will often give you a list of what your nose should notice.

4. Sip it – Don’t just chug it down! Notice the different tastes on the different parts of your tongue! You should be taking note of the taste in your mouth even after you’ve swallowed the wine. Is your mouth dry? Do you taste any of those fruits/spices listed on the bottle?

Pretty simple stuff for most. If anything, following these steps will allow you to slow your pace and enjoy the wine and the holiday moments even more.






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