Aussie Wine Cabernet Shiraz 2002 in a can

Aussie Wine in a Can
This cheap wine makes me laugh on many levels, for many reasons:

1. I laugh because a SINGLE can of it has been in my refrigerator for 2 years.
2. I laugh because it comes in a can. Now, I’m all about alternative enclosures, but this just made me laugh.
3. I laugh because their website barely mentions the wine, and just describes the can.
4. I laugh because it is named simply “Aussie Wine”.

But, I’m laughing, not pouring it down the drain with a pissed-off look on my face…
For having a ridiculous name, and having ridiculous packaging, this cheap wine wasn’t all that bad.

The can was 250ml and came in a 4 pack. I can’t remember exactly what I paid, but I know it wasn’t more than 10 dollars for the four-pack. The label says the wine is 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Shiraz, made in South Eastern Australia.

I tasted plum, cherry, and ethanol. It had a nice finish. I also had it chilled. I distinctly remember having a can of this stuff several years ago at room temperature, and I couldn’t even drink it. I think this wine was meant to be thrown into the ice cooler, brought camping, and slammed. I envision something like this working out well for this wine:

Beer Bonging Aussie Wine

Ok. I’m off to go collect my deposit!

Rating: 6.5 (.5 for the pure novelty of canned wine)
Price: Less than $10
Enjoyed with: A good laugh at the the fact that I was drinking wine from a can.
Winery Info:
Aussie Wine aka Canned Wine
Somewhere in South Eastern Australia



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3 responses to “Aussie Wine Cabernet Shiraz 2002 in a can”

  1. sid dixon Avatar
    sid dixon

    Try the Bankrock 2005 Cab-Merlot. Really is good for $ 3.64 at Walmart.

  2. Mark Avatar

    I am a north american west coast redneck. Lets see… Grizzly bear hunting and red wine in the can. I think there on to something.

  3. Chris Avatar

    A few years back someone gave me a 4 pack of a white in cans from the same company as a gag gift (I can’t remember what exactly it was.) Turns out the stuff was really good! well, you know, for cheap wine in a can!

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