Cheap Red Wine

One of the highlights of visiting my parents these days is getting to try a new wine with them. I am usually the bringer of good sprits and good cheap wine, but this time my own dear mother supplied the wine. As a regular reader of Cheap Wine Reviews, she figured a wine with this name would be fitting for my site, and she was right.

Costing no more than a movie ticket, the name of this wine is simply “Cheap Red Wine”. Vintage? I couldn’t find it on the bottle.

Although the bottle lacks description, I found this wine to be medium-bodied and somewhat dry. It was pleasant to drink, but I found a mild metallic aftertaste a bit distracting. The bottle does at least tell you where it is from: Morgan Hill, California.

Save this cheap wine for a cheap friend or a cheap date. Mom gets an “A” for effort, but this wine gets a “passing” grade of 6/10 on my scale. I will be keeping my eye out for the “Cheap White Wine” to review sometime. Maybe my taste buds will agree with that one a little more.

Rating: 6/10 – Drinkable, but nothing special (other than the cool name)
Price: $5.59
Winery Info:
Cellared and bottled by Vin Ordinaire Ltd.
Morgan Hill, California
Phone: 415-381-4244



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15 responses to “Cheap Red Wine”

  1. Mom Avatar

    Thanks for the nice review
    I’ll try again!
    Hey, how about a review on the White Merlot

  2. GeorgeS Avatar

    cheap red wine , makes a good table fair!!!! Just right for a light italian meal. not over powering….

  3. ROZ M Avatar
    ROZ M

    Our Italian family loved this wine when we lived north. Does anyone know where we can buy it in southwest Florida?

  4. jd Avatar

    you can find cheap red wine at the natures food patch in clearwater florida

  5. jeremy Avatar

    I have a bottle of cheap white wine. I was told it was pricey, so I haven’t opened it. I thought it was neat name for an expensive bottle of wine. I guess I was the cheap date you were talking about (hahahaha). I still don’t think I will ever open it.

  6. Nita Rollins Avatar
    Nita Rollins

    I would like to know where I could buy the “cheap white wine” in Massachusetts.

  7. Jack Avatar

    I’m a fan of the Cheap Red Wine – it’s inexpensive enough that I can serve it to my frat brothers every day with dinner, and it also works well for Wine Pong (our variant of Beer Pong). While it doesn’t cost much money, I’ve found that it’s surprisingly flavorful and free of defects. Most wines I’ve found at this price or below are heavily breted.

    I’ve tried the Cheap White Wine (after a few bottles of not-so-cheap reds), and it seems a little weak on the flavor. It seems like a slightly watered-down mix of Chardonnay and Viognier – it has the tart of Chardonnay but the lightness of Viognier. I’ll have to try it when I’m sober for a real evaluation.

  8. Michael Avatar

    You can get it at AJ’s in Tucson for 5.99..La Boca from Trader Joes at 2.99 is’;s an Argentinian Malbec.

  9. Bobbie Avatar

    were can I get Cheap Red Wine in central Florida

  10. Bill Laurie Avatar
    Bill Laurie

    I found this wine at Mother Earth Market in Ocala, Florida. I like, most others found the name and label to be at selling point. Still have not opened it.

  11. gail Avatar

    Publix in Orlando has added Cheap Red Wine to their shelves. We just tried a bottle–good drinking wine, a bit better than 2 Buck Chuck.

  12. bet Avatar

    I saw this wine for the first time at Anderson’s columbus ohio the tittle ” the cheap red wine” was so funny i decided to buy one and try it. Most wines at around $6.00 unsually taste cheap ( horrible) but this one suprisingly it taste much better than most wine at around $6.00. At room temperature it is ok but much better when serve at around 45 to 52 f. it is smooth has a little sweet and fruity taste and it’s light. Good for entery level win drinker. Good for party. you will not broke the bank and no one will know.

  13. Frank Avatar

    Is “Cheap Red Wine” or “Cheap White Wine” sold anywhere in the Chicago area?

  14. Alyson Avatar


    You can get “Cheap Red Wine” and “Cheap White Wine” in the organic section of larger Publix supermarkets.

    Just polished off my first bottle of Cheap Red Wine. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while. I like it. ^_^ I’m no connoisseur, but I know what I like.

  15. crid Avatar

    bought this for the funny label but now i’m busting butt trying to find somewhere to buy this as gifts for my fav wine buddies… a fantastic bottle for burnpile gatherings

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