Crane Lake Merlot 2003

Well, you came to this site for cheap wine. Welcome to the “Wine less than $5” category. Crane Lake wine, around these parts, is CHEAP. I’m talking $3.34 cheap. Think of it. You can get a whole case of the stuff for 40 bucks! But would you want to…?

Crane Lake Wine

My answer: sure, why not. It isn’t really that bad.

Tasting notes:
Very wet, with almost no structure. The second glass I had was chilled, which was much better in my opinion. Very light oak.

All-in-all, if you want to impress someone with a large quantity of wine on your premises, Crane Lake wine is the wine to do it with! Otherwise, I would try something like Marcus James or “2 buck-Chuck” that are in the same price range.

Price: $3.33
Wine enjoyed with: Sausage and cheese



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  1. Doug from az Avatar
    Doug from az

    Crane lake is the official house wine of the Lakewood Yacht Club in Houston Texas which is supposedly in the top five yacht clubs in the US. We got on to it there and have been drinking it ever since as our “house” wine.

  2. Mary from Central Jersey Avatar
    Mary from Central Jersey

    My husband and I LOVE the Sangiovese!! Introduced it to my brother who lives in S.F. and loves reds. He brought the label home with him.The pinot noir and pinot grigio are also good. Haven’t tried the Sauvignon yet to compare to the Pinot Grigio. Having a large birthday party soon and will serve only Crane Lake. Can’t beat it for the price…$4.39

  3. Richard Avatar

    Tried a bottle of Crane Lake sweet red table wine the local wine store had on special. Liked it so much I returned and bought entire inventory. My favorite wine EVER for sipping or with dinner.. Must limit myself to half glass. Delicious! Will buy another case.

  4. Renee Avatar

    I love the Crane Lake sweet red but for the last two months we’ve had three bottles that tasted moldy and that was bothersome. Trying to choke a glass down now and don’t think it’s happening. So lately I’m sad to say it’s been hit or miss for our favorite wine.

  5. Santa Avatar

    Didnt like it. Gave me a headache after. If I know it was so cheap I wont taste. My date is a cheap man. Wow.

  6. SharonMays Avatar

    My husband and I visited one of the best restaurant in St. Louis. I ask them what label wine they serve. Crane Lake. I have been drinking it ever since. Delicious I lovd them all Sharon Mays

  7. Daniel Hull Avatar
    Daniel Hull

    Served this wine at a Wine and Cheese function, and everyone raved about it. Most were shocked when I told them the price of a bottle. Very Good table wine, excellent value and an overall consistent palate pleaser year after year.

  8. Sandra K. Cianci Avatar
    Sandra K. Cianci

    LOVE Crane Lake Sav. No headache!! Refreshingly delicious and inexpensive.

  9. Karen Lanier Avatar
    Karen Lanier

    I love Crane Lake Wine
    Good for drinking between cocktails
    I try to keep three bottles when no wine in the house this is good go between wait!😀😬

  10. Maggie Rodriguez Avatar
    Maggie Rodriguez

    My husband and I are just getting into the wine scene and we have tried many different kinds. Some are expensive and others are less expensive. So far Crane Lake has been the one we liked the best and it was the least expensive to buy. The pinot noir and sweet red are our favorite ones.

  11. Martin polnerow Avatar
    Martin polnerow

    It may be cheap, but Crane Lake is surprisingly good!
    I especially lie the Pinot, my wife’s favorite is the Chard!
    Try it, you’ll be surprised!
    I’ve been collecting wine for about 30 years, and this brand has the distinctions of being our everyday wine!

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