Fortant White Merlot 2003

Fortant - White Merlot
I really wasn’t sure what to make about this whole white Merlot thing. Seems like they are playing a bit of catch-up to the White Zin here in America. Nevertheless, I thought I’d give a fair shot here on Cheap Wine Reviews.

This one came from southern France. I guess it was a little sweeter than most regular Merlots I’ve tried. Nothing spectacular other than the packaging. The bottle was beautiful.

I would describe this one as medium-bodied and crisp. The color was a pale pink, and the nose sang to high heaven of berries.

Price: 7.99
Rating: 6.5 (meh…)
Place of Purchase: World Market
Winery Info:
Fortant Wines
South France



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2 responses to “Fortant White Merlot 2003”

  1. Virg Avatar

    When my wife and I tried this wine it was our favorite, and now in Ontario Canada it is no longer available. What a shame, this was great with just about anything, especial with a night without the kids ;o)

    Can I still order some of this?

  2. Carol I Avatar
    Carol I

    My Husband and I first had this wine is 1997 while living in Rainbow City, AL. I have tired to no avail to fine it here in Florida.

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