Glen Ellen Cabernet Sauvignon 2003

Glen Ellen Cab
Glen Ellen Reserve 2003 Cab was the cheap wine of the night last night. Just destroying my pocketbook at a whopping $4.99, this wine provided a nice pairing with the pizza I had delivered.

After I popped the artificial cork, the cherry and tannins were very noticeable. Not very dry, but rich in flavor. I would recommend this wine as a good cheap wine to have with a casual dinner. Pizza, pasta, hamburgers or steak would be excellent with this wine.

One thing that did perplex me though was that I couldn’t find these guys on the web. I thought I remember seeing large jugs of this cheap wine a while ago, so I went to look for their site to confirm, with no such luck. The back of the bottle states:

In the heart of California wine country, stands the Glen Ellen house. Surrounded by vineyards first planted in 1883, both the house and the wines of Glen Ellen have stood the test of time.

If they have stood the test of time, why don’t they have a website? Ah, well, I have a feeling some of the best vineyards out there don’t. So get off the computer and go visit and support your local vineyard!

Rating: 7 – I would get this wine again.
Price: $4.99
Winery Info:
Glen Ellen Winery
Ripon, California




18 responses to “Glen Ellen Cabernet Sauvignon 2003”

  1. Cheri Avatar

    One of the best wines I have had is their 1998. Do you know how I would go about finding a distributor that carried the 1998 Glen Ellen Cab?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  2. Cheri Avatar

    BTW, it was “Reserve”

  3. linuxdave Avatar

    That Reserve won quite a few awards, according to Google. You might want to try calling the Glen Ellen Winery and asking them where you could get it: (800) 684-5289.

    Let us know! I’ll review it!

  4. Jack Avatar

    This is an excellent wine for the price. I just lucked onto finding magnum bottles of this at the local Tom Thumb from the year 2002 Vintage. There were both 02 and 03 on the shelf. I was leary given the fact that this is really a “table” cabernet if such a thing exists. Designed to be consumed right away. The age (I’m sure in hot warehouses) seems to have done this wine well. I am thinking about cleaning out the inventory of the 02 and perhaps the 03 too. At 7.99 per 1.5 liter magnum it is a hard deal to pass up. Pays to check grocery stores never know what you will find. I was having a few glasses and decided to google it and found this blog. I agree with the food suggestions and would add a grilled steak nice and rare with jucie oozing from it fresh off hickory coals would be great too. Anyone putting this wine down is either an under educated wine snob or an over educated wine snob not other option, Jack Spirko

  5. Don Avatar

    was good with the steak and potatoes we had last night..

  6. Ellen Avatar

    I love the Glen Ellen house! Exactly where is it located…do they give tours…does anyone know of any magazines that have featured it???

  7. Jeannie Avatar

    My husband and I have been buying this wine by the case for years. It is an excellent value, not as widely available as their merlot, which quite a few restaurants here (Long Island, NY) serve. We found a store that sells magnums for $5.99
    And yes, the 1998 was noticeably better than vintages before and since.

  8. Matt Avatar

    I have a couple bottles of ’99 Merlot. I have not been “into” wine for very long. Is this going to taste good, or has it been on the shelf way too long. I know white wine becomes vinegary after too long. It it similar for red?

  9. Doovitheat Avatar

    So far one of the best “cheap” table wines I have found. I’m paying about $7 / 1.5-liter bottles of the cheap, non-reserve stuff off the shelf. Goes great with a grilled steak.

    I’m no wine “snob” / connoisseur, but I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled and drunk wine all over the world, from Tuscany Paris to Chateauneuf du Pape to Napa, and for the price I can’t quibble with this stuff for a daily table wine. Try some.

  10. Turi Stevens Avatar

    Hi – Im a “veteran” drinker of wines, and i will tell you of this wine, i had nothing else to drink other than 2 glasses one night, woke up @ 3:00 a.m. on my couch, no idea how i got there. Drank it another night, same thing happened (not drunk, going to bed after dinner @ 8:00), and on a 3rd occasion, same result. Each time i woke up on my couch, far from my bedroom and out of a dead sleep completely coherent. I have never had this happen to me with wine. very weird….never buying this again.

  11. Jeff Avatar

    Glen Ellen Cabernet has changed recently. In late 2009 they changed the label. The familiar green and tan colors are now a brownish label. The latest bottle (Jan 2010) is very different in taste than all previous years. It’s very heavy on the berry flavor. One bottle was nearly undrinkable due to this. The other bottle was somewhat OK. Maybe the company has changed ownership ? Or maybe due to the recession they are cutting costs, in order to keep the same sub-$5.00 price ? In any event, their Cabernet is not the same as it was in all previous years.

  12. Dave Avatar

    I too was surprised how good this wine is for 8.99 for a 1.5 liter bottle. I’m kind of new at this wine thing having been a microbrew drinker for years but I thought this wine was very good compared to others I have tried that were in the 12 dollar per 750ml range. I know that Jeff isn’t happy with the latest vintage which makes me wish that I had tried earlier years. Sometimes Ignorance is bliss:).

  13. Nida fout Avatar

    i wonder if this is stilll good to drink and making me sick, and sure to try taste it how good it is.

  14. Holl Avatar

    Just bought Proprietors Choice Cab 2009 Concannon Vineyard at a Kaufland supermaket in Germany. Price was 2.69€. Awfully sweet and havy. Not drinkable. I expected it to be a better, because it was botteld at the “estate”. Cheap wines usually are shipped over and bottled in Germany.. Better luck next time..

  15. Robert BArham Avatar
    Robert BArham

    I have a 3 liter bottle of your Glenn
    Ellen Proprietor’s reserve 1993. Can you tell me, is this wine drinkable today, or should I just leave the bottle as is and display it?

  16. Richard Smykle Avatar
    Richard Smykle

    I have a 1989 Glen-Ellen Cabernet Sauvignon Proprietor’s Reserve. I want to open for the holidays. Have had in my house for years. Is this a good wine?

  17. Dainna Avatar

    Here’s the website

  18. Peggy Avatar

    Have a bottle 1997 Glen Ellen Merlot Reserve. Is it still good?

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