Marcus James Cabernet Sauvignon 2004

This cheap wine is a delicious wine for the price ($4.79!). This Argentinian wine really has more to offer than you would expect from a wine that costs less than 5 dollars.
Marcus James Wine
Deep ruby-red in color, this cheap wine was very dry and crisp and had a very agreeable finish that seemed not to overstay its welcome on your tongue as if to urge you along to another sip.

The Marcus James website
describes this wine as having aromas of berries, tobacco, cocoa, vanilla, pepper and spices. While I certainly didn’t notice all of those last night, I’m willing to give it another shot. I’m giving this cheap wine the “Best cheap wine under 5 dollars” award for now. Congrats Marcus James!

Alcohol content: 13%
Enjoyed with: Sausage and cheese
Winery Info:
Marcus James
Phone: 888-659-7000
Mendoza, Argentina




26 responses to “Marcus James Cabernet Sauvignon 2004”

  1. Mark A. Beard Avatar
    Mark A. Beard

    Hey,,,My wifes co. holliday party was held at our local T.C. Golf and Country Club and we both loved the house red. We inguired about it and were told it would not be availabe in the stores, so I did some research and found a local store owner that said “if they can get it I can get it” we ordered two cases. We will be ejoying it for awhile to come. These were the big bottles for $7.16 per bottle after case discount.

  2. nicole Avatar

    Unbelieveable. Someone gave me a bottle of this wine. After tasting it, I was so impressed that I tried researching it on the internet, expecting it to be $20. and up range. And after doing a “google” search, one of the sites returned was “Cheap Wines”. I was shocked to find this was under $5.00. Amazing deal!!!!

  3. petec Avatar

    I have been drinking this wine for about a year and I always buy and compare it to others in the same price range. I find this wine to be among the best in its category.

  4. Amada Serrano Avatar
    Amada Serrano

    I would like to know distributors of your wine in the NY Long Island region. I love your wine and would like to purchase it.

    Thank you,

    Amada Serrano

  5. Amada Serrano Avatar
    Amada Serrano

    I would like to know where I can purchase your wine in the New York Long Island area. Please let me know who distributes your wine in this area.

    Thank you,


  6. Lehrmann Levy Avatar
    Lehrmann Levy

    My wife and I have been wine drinker for well over 10 years. Yesterday (Christmas) we were going to have people over and I noticed we were extremely low on wine. So I headed out to our local ABC and found it too busy so I ended up in K-Mart (to buy other stuff) and noticed this wine on sale. I had never tried it or even heard of it. Let me tell you…It was the talk of the night. I couldn’t believe that this wine was so good. Like the previous comments… really doesn’t overstay the invite. Congrats to Marcus James!!!!

  7. Mira Avatar

    I just got this wine to try another ‘”chip” red, thinking that sometimes I find a good one. This was actually very good, with a beautiful color and rich taste; I could full any wine connoisseur telling them that this is a $20-$25 bottle wine.

  8. Pat Avatar

    I saw this wine on sale and tried a bottle thinking it would give me a major headache. Surprisingly, there was no headache and I enjoyed it so much that I returned to the store and bought two cases.

  9. Patricia Rolston Avatar
    Patricia Rolston

    My husband and I love Marcus James Chardonay. Could someone please tell me where we can purchase it on Long Island, Nassau County?

    Thank you

  10. E. Scott Pickens Avatar
    E. Scott Pickens

    Marcus James is one of the finer wines on the market. dont be foled by price. we just cant stand the standard “look at me $20 bottles” wood bridge cant stand turning leaf cant stand

  11. Julia Fox Avatar
    Julia Fox

    I thought this wine wa GREAT for the price. I d’t tast the pepper, but the vanilla was a nice touch. Goodfinish…good price! Try it!

  12. Jerry Shaw Avatar
    Jerry Shaw

    I found your wine in a grocery store in Houston, Texas and wish I have bought more. I do not know when I will be in Houston again.

    I live in central Texas, and would like to know where these wines may be purchased. I go to Austin, Waco, Ft. Worth often so a couple of miles is not a major concern.

  13. Dori Ross Avatar
    Dori Ross

    To Jerry Shaw* I bought this wine in Houston at the Fiesta Mart on Wirt Rd 11/22/08. I can’t wait to try it!

  14. Franco Rosetti Avatar
    Franco Rosetti

    This wine excellent value and offers the pallet of sophisticated wine drinkers a 90+ point wine at bargain prices. Buy this by the case and put it in your cellar for a year or two…


  15. Yolanda Novella Avatar
    Yolanda Novella

    I noticed the price first 2 bottles for $10 at the locat drugstore, i also expected an aftertaste and perhaps a headache, surprisingly i enjoyed the softness after each taste, not like other cheap wines my throat feels kind of raw. Its one of my favorite ones now. Miami,Fl. Oh i went 2 days later to get more and they had already ran out!

  16. marcus james Avatar
    marcus james

    Funny enough, my name is marcus james, and i happen to be a big fan of this cab. It has a sultry boquet of dark fruit (cherry, plum) and hints of tobbacco. The texture is velvety, with supple tannins. Not firm but definately noticeable. The body is elegant and caresses the tounge, with a slight bit of acidity, coaxing the salivary glands. Fruit forward with a spicy ending. For those of you in tx looking for this particular vineyard try wal-mart. i buy it regularly at one in plano.

  17. Jason Stevens Avatar
    Jason Stevens

    Purchased last night at CVS. I love Argentinian wines and thought I would try this one. It didnt hurt that it was on sale at 2/$10.
    The Cabernet is wonderful as is the Merlot. It goes to show you that you do not have to spend $20 for a bottle of wine.
    And yes, we drank both bottles last night.
    No headache, no hangover!!!!!!

  18. Kelikea Avatar

    Marcus James wine is available at Sprouts in Austin, TX 3/$10 and an extra 10% off if you buy 6 in a case. I love the Chardonnay. Fruity without being too sweet.

  19. Gail Avatar

    Wonderful wine but what gives with the corks? Will stop buying because of the difficulty in removing the cork.

  20. Taylor Mattus Avatar

    Marcus James is cheap, tasty, and above all its sexy. See, my penguin girlfriend and I (I’m a seahorse) are away from each other for months at a time. When we finally see each other, we most definitely open a bottle of Marcus James Cab Sav. What happens next is only for caballitos y pinguinos 😉

  21. Penguin Avatar

    My boyfriend discovered Marcus James last summer and has been the bebida of choice ever since! Marcus James goes great with burrito-making, bonfires on the beach, reggae music and dinner alfresco in paper cups.

    Ohhh Marcus James…

  22. Indiana Avatar

    YES what the HECK is going on with those corks!??! I spent about 15 minutes and busted up my wrist forcing that stupid cork out! And spilled wine in the process!!

  23. bonny klein Avatar
    bonny klein

    my almost 100 year old mom love your wine but having trouble finding the cabernet

  24. Jamie Hernandez Avatar
    Jamie Hernandez

    I have been drinking wine for 23 years and have never commented on a wine on any website what so ever(always believed, “good wine doesn’t need to be advertised, the taste alone will cause people to flock to it.”) But of course this, to me has only applied to more expensive, well establised wines/vineyards. Need I say, i was taken aback by this quality of Marcus James Wines– I have tried their Cabernet from Spain and Argentina–their Malbec from a Argentina–and finally their Merlot from Spain. When I came to the conclusion that this is a $20 dollar bottle of wine for $7.99 and lower I understood and accepted the fact that there was no way I could let my thoughts on this go untold.Need I say anymore?

  25. p brens Avatar
    p brens

    why is there no date on marcus james wines….i bought cab….no date !!!!!!!!!

  26. Kinsfeld Waldstein Avatar
    Kinsfeld Waldstein

    This is one of the best wines under $10 I have ever tasted
    This is close to unbelievable.

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