Purple Moon Shiraz 2004

I picked up a nice bottle of good cheap wine: Purple Moon Shiraz from Trader Joe’s. This wine, made in Manteca California, was a pretty typical Shiraz with an atypical price tag. For only $3.99, this turned out to be one of many fantastic selections I made at Trader Joe’s.

Purple Moon Shiraz - Good Cheap Wine

I enjoyed this Shiraz with some Trader Joe’s Mild Fresh Salsa… boy! What a match!

It was dark plum in color and lots of fruit, the “dry Shiraz” fans that sampled this wine with me loved it. I enjoyed it at a perfect 54 degrees F, so that may have enhanced my enjoyment of this cheap wine.
Now, when I usually write a post I research it on the internet. Aside from some web-spam, this cheap wine didn’t show up at all. Well, I feel this wine deserves some more publicity, so here it is!

Would buy again, without doubt. Stay tuned for my full tribute to Trader Joe’s (and Charles Shaw AKA Two-Buck Chuck)!

Has anyone else tried this? Has anyone been able to get it from places other than Trader Joe’s?

Price: $3.99
Place of purchase: Trader Joe’s



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  1. Cuno Avatar

    Hi Dave,

    I couldn’t find the 2004 neither, but the 2003 is a popular (mostly “best bargain”) wine for that price.

    For example: http://cheapwine.blogspot.com/2005/02/purple-moon-shiraz-2003.html

    I bought it several years ago in the US, but in Holland couldn’t find it.


  2. sarahliz Avatar

    This is one of our favorite cheap TJ wines (haven’t looked for it anywhere else). We tried the Merlot and it tasted like a $3 wine. But the Shiraz is very good. And it’s a fabulous cooking wine. At least in tomato sauces. I haven’t tried it in anything besides tomato sauce, but it’s been quite fabulous the couple of times I’ve used it.

  3. Samantha Avatar

    I picked up a bottle of this 2004 Purple Moon Shiraz for $3.49 and, after tasting it, went back to Trader Joe’s and bought an entire case! This tastes like a wine costing three times as much. When I compared it to the Australian Penmara Shiraz (also from Trader Joe’s) and the Aussie wine tasted like unsweetened red Kool-Aid, while the Purple Moon was full-bodied and almost Merlot-like. The last time I found a cheap wine tasting this good was with the Santa Ema 1999 Cabernet from Chile (also from T. Joe’s). I’m down to the last bottle from that case. Bought a bottle of the 2004 vintage at T.J.’s, but haven’t tried it yet. Also bought the Penmara Merlot – hope it’s not as disappointing as their Shiraz!

  4. mansoba Avatar

    ,I stopped in at TJ’s and tried one each of the Merlot , and the Shiraz to evaluate myself. I’ve had hit and miss good luck with their offerings (remember the Bogle wine? mmmmmmmm) . Anyway, maybe i was eating the right food at the right time, but I liked it just fine, and at $3.99 a bottle could not resist getting more. You can’t drink $20 wine every time, so i make a mixed case to take home. Trouble is…the next few times i tried it, it seemed to be weak and a bit thin and wimpy. what a dissapointment, the first impression was so good! I hate i when that happens. I should not trust my palate until i’ve tried a budget bottle more than once before buying a bunch. Oh well, it’s drinkable..it will go. Did i mention Bogle? mmm my favorite budget bottle of all time. big, inky, flavorful, and under $10. Cost Plus is where i usually find it if TJ’s is out

  5. Cameron Avatar

    Anywhere else I can go aside from Trader Joe’s for the Purple Moon Shiraz?
    The nearest NJ Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell alcohol.

    This is a true bargain wine.

  6. Armando Avatar

    Hi, I really like this bargian, the price is actually $3.49 at TJ’s.

    Try Carmenre from Concha y Toro wines is a Chilean must try..also at Trader Joe’s

    I like the site.

  7. Scott Avatar

    I have a bottle of purple moon shiraz I bought at TJ’s now i cant wait to drink it…i hope it is as good as everyone says.

  8. Dori Avatar

    Just tried the 2003 Shiraz this past weekend. My mom was going to TJ’s and I asked her to picke me up a bottle of wine, nothing specific. She came home with this because it said “purple” on the label, and that’s my favorite color. What a wonderful find. I loved it, and will definitely be buying more of it for myself. Definitely does not taste “cheap”

  9. JN Avatar

    I just picked up a bottle of this shiraz at TJs for $3.99 and am drinking it now. I can’t say I share the same enthusiasm as most of these commenters. Shiraz is my favorite wine and I’ve had quite a few of them. I’d put this in the lower half. It doesn’t have those spicy, warm, smooth characteristics that you find with a Rosemont or a Fat Bastard. As one commenter said, it is kind of “thin and wimpy.” That being said, if you like dry you’ll be at least satisfied if not happy with this wine. I’ve had worse shiraz for higher prices. It’s really hard to find a shiraz period for this cheap!

  10. Janet Avatar

    I loved the 2004 Shiraz at Trader Joes
    I am in Woodstock, NY and would love to find it.
    I bought it in Framingham Ma on a business trip last month and was sorry to have bought only one bottle.
    Not only was it a lovely wine
    I felt energized the next day from the experience instead of any poor feelings one might have from another cheaper wine.

  11. sherri Avatar

    I did enjoy the 2005 pmoon but Im not so sure if i could drink it all the time. I will bring it to a friends house for others to evaluate. I do love fat bastard & wish it would come down in price.

  12. Amanda Avatar

    I finally made it to a TJ’s on a trip to Cleveland this weekend, and thanks to this site, I made a beeline for the Purple Moon Shiraz. Your assessment is right on par. While it may be a little dry on its own, paired with food, it is outstanding. I haven’t tried the salsa yet, but I can say the shiraz is a nice contrast to TJ’s Pinjur (a wonderful eggplant-tomato-pepper sauce/dip). I get the impression that this wine would pair well with any tomato-based food as the combo makes both flavors pop. Tremendous thanks for the great recommendation. I can’t wait to uncork the PM Merlot!

  13. Chelsie Avatar

    Had this wine… LOVED it! One of my favorite “cheapies.”

  14. Smokin' Avatar

    I agree, Out of the cheap wines I have tried (all from TJ’s) Purple moon Merlot is delicious for it’s price. Thanks

  15. Rob Avatar

    Where to begin…ok: This wine is AWESOME!!!!!!

    What a fantastic potion for only $3.99/bottle (at TJ’s, Brookline, MA). This bottle is superior to other bottles I’ve had that cost several times more.

    It is a fabulous wine! I score it 10/10.

  16. Mike Avatar

    I love this wine. Usually drink it everyday if I have it. Usually buy at Total Wine but bought all they had and they have not re-stocked yet. I getting low with my stock. Tried the Merlot but not a big fan of it. It’s 3.99 @ TW and they have a 10% case discount.

  17. Brett Avatar

    I just had my first bottle of shiraz and loved it more than any other wine I have had. I am going to TJ’s to stock up. Shiraz is very nice wine and am glad I found you all discovered it too.

  18. Theresa Avatar

    I tried the 2005 Purple Moon Shiraz from Trader Joe’s. Very nice wine for the price. I would definitely recommend it! Love Trader Joe’s!! 🙂

  19. Christine Avatar

    A friend had a wine tasting party (with everything in paper bags so you didn’t know what you were drinking) and the P. Moon Shiraz was THE favorite, up against $40 bottles of wine!! We couldn’t believe it. I love it….never been disappointed in a bottle I’ve bought. Have never tried the other varietals, and haven’t seen it anywhere but TJ’s. Love this wine for everyday drinking!

  20. Tereasa InIdaho Avatar
    Tereasa InIdaho

    I bought a bottle of the Purple Moon Shiraz 2008 when I visited the recently-opened Trader Joe’s in Corvallis. I thought it would be questionable at best for the price of $3.99! So wrong – now just need to find a source in Idaho! Nice smooth taste – really enjoyed it!

  21. michael Avatar

    So happy to hear so many positive comments on Purple Moon Shiraz. I almost wrote it’s my favorite under-$5 bottle of wine, but the truth is, it’s probably my favorite under $10 bottle. It’s great.

    The merlot is nothing special (the 2-buck chuck version is better, though also pretty mediocre).

  22. jami Avatar

    Had Crane lake petite Shiraz for 3.99/750 ml. Love, Love, Loved it. Got it from the farmers market aisle special. They are now out and I NEED SOME. Can any one help in Atlanta GA or on the Web?

  23. Iman Avatar

    Purple moon Shiraz. Great tast, great value, and I love it.

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