linuxdave — September 5, 2005, 5:44 pm

St. Julian Red

Picked up a bottle of this:
St. Julian Red

St. Julian, you’ve got to start coming up with some better names. I already did a review of St. Julian Simply Red, and I know there is a St. Julian Village Red (wtf?), but this is just plain “St. Julian Red”, not even listed on their website.

With that out of the way, let me tell you this: Unless you’re really a fan of sweet reds, forget the previously reviewed Simply Red. Spend the extra 20 cents or whatever and go with this. Worlds apart, in my opinion. The first thing I notice is the light oak, followed by the rich, fruity body of this delicious wine. It is a little wet on the palate, but if you’ve been paying attention so far, I kind of like that texture. I know all the sommeliers are going to roll their eyes, but sometimes, if the wine is too warm, and full bodied, I will add an ice cube to my red wine.

Don’t listen to what the ‘experts’ have to say, especially when it comes to food and wine. Eat and drink what you like.

Enjoyed with: Meijer Lean Frozen Spaghetti (lol)
Price: $6.99
Place of purchase: Meijer
Alcohol Content: 12%

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  1. Comment by Barbara Dudeck @ January 13, 2006, 2:01 pm

    I am a lover of this wine as well. It seems they changed the name from Village Red to just plain Red. Do you suppose they do not have a ” better name” for it because it is not a “cabernet sauvignon” or “merlot” and yet hope to compete with those wines? Just a guess. We have been to the Napa and Sonoma wineries (which were great), but prefer to support the Michigan wineries when it makes sense. P.S. Tabor Hill Chardonney is another favorite.

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