Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio 2005

Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio 2005

I love cheap wine that doesn’t stray too far from the taste of the grape it is made from. Pinot Grigios fulfill this desire, and this year’s Yellow Tail is no exception.

Pear, apple, pineapple, lime! A burst of flavor on the tongue! I enjoyed this wine while sitting outside on this cool fall day and it was perfect. The bottle suggests BBQ shrimp as a good food pair, which I might try next time. I think it would also pair well with any Mexican cuisine. Like all Yellow Tail wines, this one didn’t disappoint.

For $5.49, this cheap wine is definitely worth a high rating on my scale.

Rating: 9/10
Price: $5.49
Winery Info:
[yellow tail] (that we all know and love)
SE Australia

Yellow Tail Cowboy




15 responses to “Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio 2005”

  1. Anna Avatar

    Hi Dave!

    If there’s one thing I love as much as cookies, it’s wine — especially cheap and good wine. Your blog is very spiffy. Thanks!

  2. Amy Avatar

    Why can I never get the cork out of my Yellow Tail? Excellent wine though.

  3. Michael Avatar

    Amy: I’ve come up with a good system, I have step by step pictures if you need them:

    Required: 1 bottle Yellow Tail, 1 Screwdriver, 1 pair combo pliers, 1 wine glass. Optional: Broom, Dustpan. Step 1: drive screwdriver between cork and bottle until you hear a crack. Step 2: Remove label on neck of bottle and carefully set glass aside. Step 3: Use combo pliers to remove cork, pour, and enjoy. You will probably have to finish the wine the same night as the broken glass makes replacing the cork nearly impossible.

  4. Tammy Avatar

    Is this a sweet wine or dry?? I had a yellow tail wine at a restaurant but thought they said it was a zinfandel. How does this compare??

  5. Sheila Avatar

    This is one of my very favorite wines! Not dry…goes well with anything or nothing! We sip it on ice by the pool on those hot summer days!

  6. Mike Avatar

    Awsome! This was the best Pinot Grigio I have tasted in years!! My prior favorite was elk cove pinot gris, but this is clearly the winner!

    Thanks Yellow Tail, another great wine!

  7. Eileen Avatar

    I prefer the Chardonnay especially after a tough Thursday with the morning call abuse from Rich G!!!

  8. Kate Avatar

    I love cheap wine – but I don’t understnad the draw of Yellow Tail. It is way overpriced “Critter Wine” – the reds have a horrible bite and the whites are just blah. There are far better wines out there – albeit with less effective marketing.

  9. jon Avatar

    guys, for christ’s sake yellow tail is juice- in a glass. and bad juice at that. try leaving it sitting in your glass for 1/2 hour and it smells like nothing !

    yellow tail is a marketing scheme to get young drinkers who dont know good wines to drink a sucrose-full combination of sweet grapes and preservatives. NOT A GOOD WINE. Cheap and disgusting.

    Get some good wines: Napa Valley or Washington State or Oregon wines.

  10. Joshua Avatar

    I agree with Jon. I am a releatively new wine drinker but still – this tastes like Welch’s grape with a very slight bite. I mean, I wouldn’t refuse one on a hot summer day on the rocks, but to drink it as a wine is meant to be? No thanks.

  11. Yellow Tail Glugger Avatar

    I reviewed this on my UK site also, looks like it is popular all over the world. I love the stuff, I could bath in it. (My wife says I already do)

  12. John Avatar

    I don’t have much experience with wine; I’ve probably tried only 10 differing pinot grigios. But this was either the worst or second to worst. It didn’t completely have that smooth, oily texture that a good pinot has. And it had a kind of metallic aftertaste. Any overly-positive review for this wine is simply sophomoric. For a decent, cheap pinot, try Fish Eye. Still not the greatest, but a good value, and definitely better than the Yellow Tail IMO

  13. Ebony Avatar

    Well, i am a new wine drinker and not a big spender. So yellow tail was one of the first things i was drawn to. The red is not good to me…The bite is too much. and Even tho i am a NEW wine drinker….I can tell I would never buy the red again….its gross…but drinkable……(sn) for someone odd reason it makes me sleepy…whats up with that??? lol…

  14. Gaylan Avatar

    I had trouble getting corks out of wine bottles because I was always afraid of turning the corkscrew too far into the cork. Once I got over that and started driving the corkscrew in deeper I found the corks much easier to get out. (I also got the kind of corkscrew with the levers on the side that bring the cork up as you push down on the levers.)

  15. Dean Avatar

    Opened 2 bottles of pinot grigio last night over dinner with company, None of us could get it down. It was the worst pinot I have ever had. Needless to say I was Quite embarassed. I have had vinegar with less bite and bitterness.

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