Mateus Rose

Mateus Rose

Due to the unusually hot October weather (almost 90 degrees here today!), I wanted an unusual wine that I could have chilled.

After spending only several minutes in the air-conditioned wine store this afternoon, I found exactly that. This rosé from Portugal caught my eye first with its flask-shaped bottle, and then with the cheap price tag: 4 bucks! The bottle wasn’t pretty, but just as we shouldn’t be judging wine by the price, we also don’t need to be judging a book by the cover, or in this case, a wine by the bottle. We’re all equal-opportunity alcohol consumers, right?

Overall, this wine is fantastic. Check out the fizzy bubbles:

Fizzy, Crisp and cheap: Mateus Rose

Served very cold (recommended), this wine had a delightful pink tone, a clean, crisp taste, and a very pleasant bubbly texture. This cheap, sweet, refreshing wine really hit the spot tonight.

Although I will be keeping a bottle or two of this wine to enjoy all year round, it almost makes me sad to see summer go.

Rating: 9 – Highly recommended
Price: $4.00
Winery Info:
Bottled by Sogrape Vinos de Portugal, S.A.
Vila Nova de Gaia Portugal
Imported by Evaton, Inc






88 responses to “Mateus Rose”

  1. Bevan Avatar

    Just had a bottle of Mateus Rose for the first time is around 20 years. Was for sale at the local supermarket (New Zealand – local for me, not for you!). Was outstanding, very refreshing, gonna have more!!

  2. Don Avatar

    We love this wine for both value and flavor. We visited the place pictured on the label while in Portugal, but I can’t find any in the state of Washington.

  3. MikeD Avatar

    Bev Mo started stocking it. This wine is AMAZINGLY beautiful for its pricetag!

  4. James Neubauer Avatar
    James Neubauer

    This wine is GREAT Chilled. Very sweet/sparkling.
    It was just $8.40 here in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.
    This is a light easy drinking rose’. perfect for a casual summer barbecue and It makes a unique Mimosa too. ! I give it a 10 for the price you can’t go wrong.

  5. Roman M Pilipchuk Avatar
    Roman M Pilipchuk

    I have a small bottle of mateus rose, sogrape its about 50 years old, is it worth anything? Unopened

  6. jack salvatore Avatar
    jack salvatore

    You bring back memories of college, 35 years ago, when we drank ALOT of Mateus rose and enjoyed it immensely!

  7. Doug Roe Avatar
    Doug Roe

    We ordered six bottles from Primo Vino in Arvada, Colorado; very glad to be able to enjoy this delightful wine again!

  8. Sam Wai Avatar
    Sam Wai

    Mateus began as a brand in the 1940’s. I drank it back in the 60’s when I was very young, served by my parents at home. It grew to be a rage by the 1970’s with worldwide sales topping at 4 million cases by the 80’s. The wine today is very much similar but just a bit dryer to fit the taste preference of today. Reportedly, when Queen Elizabeth II dines alone, that is her preferred wine. The taste of Mateus still holds up well after all these years. It does the job of a rose well, being crisp, fruity and bright. Though a bit sweet, it is well balanced by crisp acidity. It is also clean and fresh, a great summer picnic wine. It is best served quite cold. For many of us wine drinkers going back 40 years, it is also very nostalgic.

  9. Monkeyman R Avatar
    Monkeyman R

    Some friends recently brought me a bottle of Mateus when they came over for dinner. We finished it… it was really good, but I remembered it tasting better before. We used to drink it in the 60’s and 70′ to help liven up our wild parties… even orgies (with the help of Harvey Wallbangers). It was the first wine I liked after Akadama in Japan in the Navy, which tasted like grape juice. Back in Los Angeles I bought 2 bottles of Mateus this Thanksgiving and we finished them. I went back to Bev Mo to buy more and they sold out (so I got Lancers as a back up). They said they ordered 2 more cases. I wish Mateus would go back to the original recipe… this is good, but I like it sweeter.

  10. Brian Avatar

    Ahhhhhh…Mateus. Takes me back to skiing the nose dive at Stowe and breaking for lunch for bologna sammies on white bread and cold mateus from a wine skin. Thank gawd it is available here on the east coast.

  11. LOTTIE Avatar

    this rose’ is GREAT. i found it in canada and paid a little more than $4.00 — sort of $11.00 but found it delightful!!!

  12. naser Avatar

    i like mateeus

  13. Jules Avatar

    I love love love Mateus – it was big in the 70s, but I was little too young to be imbibing at that time, but its having a resurgence – good things never go out of style!!! It’s the best summer tipple – thank God I live in Australia, where it’s pretty much summer all year. I especially love it when they bring out the Christmas special with the little baby bottle (conjoined twin) attached!!!!!!!!!

  14. gunner Avatar

    Mateus Rose is a magnificent wine to drink at any time, but particularly in the summer.
    In Australia, we have very hot & long summers, particularly in the West. Then I buy three dozen at a time…getting a special deal from my supplier.
    I find it best to drink rather icy. Before I pore, I take a bottle or two from the fridge (depending how many people there are) and put them in the freezer for about 45 minutes.
    Like champagne, it is a wine which must be enjoyed at its coldest.

  15. César Avatar

    True it is a very nice wine, i live in Mateus where the wine is from 🙂 so it is very easy to find :P.

    Glad to know that people love the wine.

  16. Ann Marie Avatar
    Ann Marie

    Look at Graham Nash’s album “Wild Tales” . . . there is a Mateus bottle on the fireplace mantle behind his head . . . “vintage” 1973 ! Can’t find it anymore around here (Florida) either, unfortunately.

  17. Ann Marie Avatar
    Ann Marie

    Look carefully at the cover of Graham Nash’s album “Wild Tales” – what’s that on the mantle behind his head – a Mateus bottle! Vintage 1973 in every way! Unfortunately I can’t find it anywhere down here in Florida, either . . .

  18. Joe Avatar

    Kind of a special wine for me since my last name is also Mateus. I live in the southeastern New England area and your able to find it almost any place where wine is sold here. I did find an online wine seller that sells Mateus wine (I never bought from them or in any way have anything to do with them) for those who want Mateus wine but can’t get it where they live. Here is the link:

  19. Alex Avatar

    we had a blast on our Ireland trip back in 2008 – on one particular night we ran into a few bottles of Mateus at a wonderful restaurant. my God we hadn’t drank any of that stuff since the 70s (the Navy days). still taste the same (excellent) and the fun factor is still really potent – ha!

  20. Chuck Avatar

    Loved the old recipe…..started drinking it in Vietnam when we ran out of water. (mid 60’s) and continued drinking it thru the 70’s. I stopped when the taste suddenly changed. I wasn’t aware that they changed the recipe……I want the old one back.

  21. Glenn Avatar

    I saw an old empty Mateus bottle on a shelf in my parent’s garage and was suddenly back to my Navy days,(early 70’s) when we drank massive quantities of the stuff. Much older, I’ve moved on to better wines, but I realized that you just don’t see Mateus anywhere these days. I would most likely cringe at the taste of Mateus or Lancers or Boone’s Farm now, but I can’t help but wonder what memories could be unleashed with just a sip of those old wines of yesteryear.

  22. Ali Avatar

    Ok.. Living in Saudi Arabia, a bottle of wine is always a treat. I must say I paid more for this wine than any one of you guys ever paid. It was 100 USD a bottle. I am not complaining since that’s a usual price for a cheap bottle of wine in Saudi Arabia.

    I love wine and I travel a lot just to sample wine. This cheap wine was really amazing and it totally blew me away. It was cool and refreshing particularly in the desert’s unforgiving hot weather.


  23. rob Avatar

    It was hot today ..i was at the local grocery looking for a bottle of sherry an amontillado to have with olives and saw that green flask of my youth…i bought it and now am drinking it ice cold it is such a many memories of moments then,,,the taste of its sweetness and the lips of a lover long moved away into the never never land of adulthood….

  24. Mateusz Avatar

    I bought it because it’s my name. Well almost. Above average I think. Good stuff.

  25. Rick D Avatar
    Rick D

    Love this stuff! I like my wine chilled, and love the bubbly stuff, too, so this is a two thumbs up from this old hobo.

    The bottles are great, too. Break off the neck and smooth the end on wet smooth concrete and it makes the best damn guitar slide I’ve ever used, and a true “bottleneck”.

  26. Kay Avatar

    I have loved this wine since introduced to it in the ? 70’s. I had never drank wine before except for Gpa’s Morgen David Grape Wine. LOL But was on a convention in Denver and a gal from New York City asked if I would like to share a carafe of it. I didn’t want to act like a hick from the sticks (which I was) and said sure. Well that did it. I have bought it off and on every since. I have since acquired a taste for a little dryer wine, like Chardonnay, or Savignon Blanc but always love to treat myself with Mateus Rose occasionally. Which just reminded me, it’s time to find some again. I do love Two Buck Chuck’s Chardonnay and Savignon Blanc…..(Charles Shaw) but for a treat it’s always Mateus Rose!!!!!!!!! Reminder to self: Pick up some Mateus Rose soon.

  27. john Avatar

    It is a great wine, I’m very pleased by maker of this wine.

  28. Donald Avatar

    Back in 1965, when I was a First Lt. in the USAF, stationed at Goose Bay Labrador, Matuse was our staple. We would buy it and drink it by the case. Only problem was that i couldn’t get myself to throw away any of the empties. Loved those bottles.

  29. tom pearson Avatar
    tom pearson

    Ok, now that I have found like minded people who enjoy Mateus Rose, how and where do I purchase it??

  30. Simone Avatar

    My boyfriend(now husband) starting drinking Mateus in 1970 when we started dating. Today is our 36th wedding anniversary. I bought him some Famous Grouse 12 year scotch, some Courvoisier VS Cognac, a bottle of Real Sangria (another favorite from the 70’s), and a large bottle of Mateus (to see if it would bring back any memories) — I just popped opened the Mateus to try it and was amazed at the number of bubbles. I did not remember so much fizz!!It was the Mateus in the flask shaped bottle, not their newer bubbling edition. IN any case, it is light, sweet, bubbly, and not bad. It’s like one of those white zins, or slightly sour Boon’s Farm…. Since I only drink white wines now, I will go easy on it… but, it isn’t as horrible as some of the reviews I’ve seen on other websites. I laughed about the Lancers and the candles stuck in these bottles. We did that, too! (Yes, we are now 60… college days seem far away and long ago…).

  31. VIC Avatar


  32. Phil Avatar

    I live in Portland area..I went to a speciality wine shop and they ordered me three bottles of Mateus. Fantastic taste. What Im looking for now is Lancers in the old red or green bottles..Anyone?

  33. Chris Avatar

    I have an unopened bottle of Mateus Sogrape Rose from the early 70’s. Anyone interested in acquiring it?

  34. Mark Stone Avatar
    Mark Stone

    Was my favorite wine in the late 70’s. Sadly, it’s not available now except at a local specialty wine store here in Orlando. The bottle’s I acquired from there, at $5.99 each, tasted like they had been overheated at some point in their journey.
    Still sparkling, still rose, just very dry and almost vinegary. That hint of sweetness was not there. I won’t be trying it again.

  35. Lee Donnell Avatar
    Lee Donnell

    The pronunciation in Brazilian Portuguese is “mah-tey-oos” the name Mathew in English. We became acquainted with it in the 60s and 70s and we too put candles in the flask-shaped bottles. Is it available near south-eastern West Virginia? I’d drive a hundred miles for a case.

  36. signet Avatar

    I tried out a bottle of Mateus last year after finding a (empty, sadly) bottle of it form the 60’s or 70’s, and… I love it! Lighter flavor, lightly sweet, yet definitely dry. How? I don’t know! But wonderful all around.
    Maybe I wasn’t alive from the heyday of this wine, but I’ll gladly bring it back into popularity if I have any say!

  37. Tracy Hallinan Avatar
    Tracy Hallinan

    I have an unopened bottle of 1970 Mateus wine and have no idea how much it is worth. If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. You can email me at or text at 1-931-313-6623 PLEASE HELP


    I have here a 25 year old Rose Mateus Wine selling for the best deal..
    Same bottle sample above

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