FishEye Cabernet Sauvignon 2003

FishEye Cabernet Sauvignon
Since everyone loved my review of the Fish Eye Merlot, I figured I’d give the Cab a shot.

Ringing in at 13.5% alcohol by volume, this cheap wine was an equal match to the FishEye Merlot. From Ripon, California, this wine lets the fruit speak for itself. Along with the dark plum taste, I also experienced a little pepper in the nose.

At only 8 dollars a bottle, I found this to be a great wine. I had mine with Spicy Montreal seasoning. Try it!

Price: 7.99
Place of purchase: L&L Grocery
Vineyard Info:
FishEye Winery
Ripon, CA




14 responses to “FishEye Cabernet Sauvignon 2003”

  1. Jimmy V Avatar
    Jimmy V

    I’m buying this 3-4-10 here in Nashville and my guests always seem impressed by it at parties. For large groups, you can’t beat this. My theory is that when people are standing around talking and drinking, grapey, not-too-dry reds go over well. No one is paying close attention, but often revelers will pick up the bottle to check the lable. One doesn’t need to ponder much to get what this Cab is about- simplicity- and the extra front of the mouth flavors make transitioning from one food to the next easy. I find this better than the Crane Lake Cab I’ve used for the same purposes. Save the better stuff for more scruinizing seated diners and let this one flow at cocktail hour!

  2. Rob Walker Avatar
    Rob Walker

    Keep up the good reviews. When is the next one coming?


  3. FishEye Cabernet Sauvignon 2003

    Price: $9
    Maker: Fisheye Wines, Ripon, California
    Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon
    Packaging: 750 ml bottle, artificial cork
    Our Rating: 8 out of 10
    A “Fish Eye” is what some call a skillful fisherman, according to the FishEye Cabernet Sauvign…

  4. Trench Brady Avatar
    Trench Brady

    Spicey, fruity, light viscosity, flavorful up front. Great value. Good as a early summer wine.

  5. monica Avatar

    Purchashed fisheye chardonnay and merlot. Actually it was buy one get one free. Great after- flavor, that being very important to me. Just hope it’s not a cheap wine that gives me a headache. Hope this helps!

  6. Slydog Avatar

    Finishing a bottle right now! I bought it here in Southaven, Ms. Just looking for a decent wine to enjoy with whatever dinner. Had it with garlic/parm chicken wings and celery with blue cheese. Has a rich grape nose early-on pouring that I find really attractive. Good early grapey, peppery notes, nice mouth feel and a pretty mellow finish…. I like it. Nothing extravagant, but for an 8 dollar bottle I really enjoyed it, and I’m not a big wine drinker. I’ll buy it again.
    I rate it: Give it a try.


  7. Tina Keating Avatar
    Tina Keating

    I am looking for information on Bay Bridge Vineyards in Ripon, CA. I have not found anything so far on the internet, but have tried two of their very inexpensive wines – a Chardonnay and a Merlot, and found them light and smooth. They only cost $2.97 / bottle!! And no next day headache, either. How can they make a drinkable wine, ship it to Savannah, GA, and sell it so cheap? Has anyone heard of this vineyard? Thank you for any information.

  8. Julie B from Atlanta, GA Avatar
    Julie B from Atlanta, GA

    I could not believe how great the Bay Bridge Chardonnay was. I bought it on a fluke. To my surprise, it was so delicious for 2.97. I was shocked. I will buy it again!!!

  9. Matt Avatar

    While I know next to nothing about wine, and have never really cared for it, I decided to give it a try a while back and have since acquired a taste for it. Out of the small amount of Cabernet Sauvignon I have sampled, I have found Fish Eye’s Cab to be the most pleasant. I do not feel well-versed enough to give it a proper review, but I will say that it just tastes nice and hits all the right spots perfectly. I recommend it to anyone who is out and about and in search of an inexpensive, cheap is a bad word, decent wine. As for other Fish Eye products, I sampled their Pinot Noir recently and was not very impressed.

  10. Zina Avatar

    I brought the bay bridge sweet white for just $2.72 and I’m surprised its absolutely delicious and its also my first time trying this wine period I’m not a big wine fan but I have to say I actually really like this one

  11. Hugh Avatar

    Most of the comments I’ve heard are from pompous asses whose head is in the clouds. Blind tastes tell it all. My friends and I have went through the myriads of wine tastings until we were purple in the face and found the expensive wines were just that, and nothing else. Most wines are priced arbitrarily without the facts and figures to justify it, save profit. There are very good $10 and under wines which knock the socks off the sophisticates. I mean really, how do you justify the $80 a bottle wine. We’re talking about 100,000 gals times how many containers. At 5 bottles per gal ($400 a gal) . . . get off it, we’re not talking about illegal dope or gold are we. Well, it’s the same price or damn close. However you cut it, paying more than $10 per bottle is just plain Greed. Do the math, anything else is a rip off. All one needs to do is listen to the bullshit adjectives the so called conissieours abide by. They are a cohesive group of capitalist who see profit in words. Do the taste tests yourself and decide. Ignore their seduction, because they’ve had many years at perfect the B.S. Bottom line is your taste not their opinions.

  12. Robert Avatar

    Full-bodied great-tasting and good value

  13. Victoria Key Avatar
    Victoria Key

    The worst fucking wine I’ve ever tasted.

  14. Diane Avatar

    Where can I buy fisheye Cabernet seven known. I live in the Tampa Bay area and cannot find a retail store that sells this product any longer.

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