Charles Shaw (Two-buck-chuck) Cabernet

When people find out that I enjoy cheap wine enough to devote a website to it, they usually ask me if I have been to Trader Joe’s. My response, until last week, has always been “No, not yet”.

Well, I finally caved and took a trip to Detroit, the nearest Trader Joe’s location for me here in Lansing. Ann Arbor might actually be closer, but as an MSU Spartan, I try to stay out of there.

Trader Joe\'s - Home of Charles Shaw Wines

I’d like to preface this review of Charles Shaw Cabernet with a synopsis of Trader Joe’s. If you have one near you, go there. If not for the wine, then for the thousands of food items that pack the small market. I spent 80 dollars, which sounds like a bit much especially for me. I ended up leaving with 2 cases of wine and enough food for a week. Fresh mozzarella, fresh gnocchi, fresh salsa (notice a pattern?), Guacamole chips, Trader Joe’s Marinara, soups, veggies…. I was in heaven. They have got all kinds of cheeses, breads, meats, micro-brewed beers, and their wine selection was out of this world. What a great store!

Trader Joe’s is the exclusive retailer of Charles Shaw Wines, better known to most as “Two-buck Chuck”. In California these wines sell for $1.99, which is just amazing. Here in Michigan, though, the price was $2.99.

Did we like it? Was it worth the trip?

Hell yes it was! For 3 dollars, I don’t think it could have been any better. The Cabernet was great. At first, I found it to be a little sweet, but looking back, I was actually enjoying the salsa with the wine, which probably wasn’t a great combination. Along with the Cab, I also purchased some of the Shiraz, Merlot, and Chardonnay (reviews coming soon).

Congrats to Two-Buck-Chuck and Trader Joe’s for achieving the highest rating available here on Cheap Wine Reviews. Hats off to you!

Rating: 10/10
Price: $2.99
Place of Purchase Trader Joe’s




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  1. Ten Buck Ted Avatar
    Ten Buck Ted

    $2 Kool aid wines? No Thanks. Recommendation, buy anything from Bordeaux $10 or less any vintage any appellation and yes preferably sip it out of crystal tulip shaped goblet. Your wine drinking life will likely change and you may end up like me with a cellar full of expensive wine I can’t bring myself to drink and more debt than a Banana Republic. Perhaps if we’re lucky in 20 years we’ll both end up in Burgundy.

  2. linuxdave Avatar

    Haha, I’ll see you in Burgundy in 20 years, Ted!

  3. Two dollar buzz Avatar
    Two dollar buzz

    For a two dollar buzz It wasn’t the worst. Stop complaining and drink a glass and eat a hotdog or something to go with it. That’s how I roll.

  4. Ted Avatar

    Like anything, there are pros and cons. I was at a tiny winery in Napa speaking with the owner. He was frustrated by the wine market, “To hard to make it work”. Lots of grapes were going to be left on the vines do to a glut of product. Then a huge truck passed by and he said, “Probably more 2BC”. So i bought some of his nice but unremarkable wine out of desire to support this nice guy and his 110 year old family winery in a stunning setting. But unless i am standing beside a struggling vinter i dont feel bad buying a TJ shiraz.
    But the Cab is another story, i will drink almost anything but i thought it was sugarwine. Yuk.

  5. Bubba Avatar

    All of you $2 CS wine drinkers. A la fattodo beers!
    Don’t know what it means. Look it up in the Soprano’s dictionary.

  6. michel Avatar

    Thanks for your review on Charles Shaw’s cabernet. My father in law bought this swill by the case because it was cheap. I will drink cheap wine if it’s good but this wine is not very good – not with food nor as an aperitiv.

    First it is watery. Even in a “heavy red” like the Cabernet, there is very little body. It is a weak red with no texture, nothing on the nose, little or no finish and hardly a tickle of anything that resembles taste.

    If you want to stand around with a glass of red water in your hands, then by all means buy this wine. But don’t get it if you’re celebrating an anniversary or birthday with a loved one. It is not worthy of such a special occasion. Spend a couple bucks more and get a bottle of Mad Housewife cabernet. That wine is 10x better.

    I have to confess that when we went to my father in law’s house and had the Shaw Cabernet, we’d just gotten back from a wine tasting trip in Napa/Sonoma. My nose is used to enjoying some truly outstanding wine and will not tolerate wine that is passably drinkable.

  7. Tim Sutton Avatar
    Tim Sutton

    I am new to wine drinking, and yes, I have been influenced by the CBS show on 2BC, and even more so by the movie “Sideways”. I don’t want to spend 25 dollars for a bottle of wine, so I was interested in trying 2BC. Trader Joe’s recently opened in Cary, NC so I tried a bottle of Shiraz. It was pretty good, I thought. I even tried the Merlot, despite the fact that Miles in Sideways cried that he would leave if anyone ordered a Merlot. I am drinking a Pinot Grigio as I write this, and I would like to try a Pinot Noir. I think I will buy a Yellow Tail and see if that is any good. My point is that 2BC is a good place to start sampling wine, and then see where it takes you.

  8. Sandra Avatar

    Have you tried the Merlot yet?
    And in response to Daniel C’s post (below), regardless of Trader Joe’s business practices, at least they pass the savings on to their customers! Additionally, they are committed to organic, sustainable products and fair trade.

  9. Jen Avatar

    Egads! One would never guess that a cheap wine would cause such an outroar! Hey wine snobs, stay away – you are too superior to slum in the likes of those that enjoy 2 Buck Chuck.
    2 Buck Chuck is a great wine for sitting on the deck with 10-15 friends, waiting for salads to be tossed and the steaks to be finished on the grill.
    I used to think of myself as a snob, but now I think differently. Enjoy what you already do and to hell with those who can’t bear to tip their head down.

  10. Chuck Bogardus Avatar

    Writing from the heart of Missouri’s wine country…

    Hey, overall, Chuck isn’t all that bad. IMHO, beats the heck outta the ol’ Gallo Hearty Burgundy… Anyone remember those days?

    I’ve drank some much worse $8-9 (or more…) wines…

    Seems like most of the folks are comparing the stuff to $10+ wines… That says something right there. If I’m doing a nice dinner, then some nice stuff comes out. If I’m having friends over, or making some sorta strange mixed concoction, Chuck’s right there…

    Oh, and welcome to the world of market dynamics and capitalism… The same people who buy expensive wines still buy expensive wines. The wineries are just upset that Chuck’s in business, and not all that bad.

  11. Gordon Wagner Avatar
    Gordon Wagner

    I’ve paid far more than two dollars for wine that was not as enjoyable as 2$C. I didn’t care for the Shiraz but I buy the Cab by the case. And drink it.

    Why is wine that’s no better than 2$C sold for $6-$12? Spanish and Chilean wines I’ve tried have been excellent and real bargains, but for an everyday table wine I have no issues whatsoever with 2$C.

  12. Angela Avatar

    I didn’t read all 61 comments, but I had to laugh at the first one from Mr. Clayton. I live in NH, and I’ll admit that most of the people around here drink beer like there’s no tomorrow. I made a cake for a wedding a couple of weeks ago, and there were 12 CASES of beer sitting on the floor of the kitchen at the reception hall when I walked in to deliver my work (I had never seen so much beer in one place!). My husband and I have no more than a standard middle-class income, and Mr Clayton would no doubt consider us “common”. However, neither of us can stand the taste of beer. We enjoy basic Beringer wines and occasionally attend a wine tasting to learn a little more, but we’re only going to drink what we like. If it costs two dollars, so much the better! Daniel Clayton is not doing himself any favors – perhaps he should come down to earth.

  13. jim Avatar

    the gold medal on 2bc 2005 chardonay just broke on the news. dont know what all the experts will make of that!
    i love wine and like all other common folk that love wine ive found a few bargains from here and abroad on occasion. its a great delight when that happens. it seems harder to find a good low priced cab then any of the other robust reds. dont know why. 2bc is in the neighborhood of good for cheap. i drink it but i prefer the merlot or the shartz Crane is 3 bucks in our area and i think its slightly better. in anycase for all of you that have commented on wanting a lower priced bargain keep looking you’l find a delight of your own, unfortunately seldom exactly repeatable but great when it happens.
    happe drinking

  14. Well Read Avatar
    Well Read

    today on MSN they reported a huge taste testing wines. Two Buck Chuck was the winner!
    Dave was way ahead of the curve. Congrats.
    Sorta reminds me of the WII against XBOX and PS3.

  15. Carey Wilson Avatar

    I couldn’t spend my entire afternoon reading these comments, but somewhere along the line it struck me that most of the people popping off here forgot at some point that they are on a site called “” For those who have trouble decifering strung-together words, that translates as Cheap Wine Reviews. Not “Expensive Wine Reviews,” or even “Medium-priced Wine Reviews.”
    And for the record, as CHEAP wine conoisseur, I agree 100% with the original review.

  16. Anne Avatar

    Two Buck Chuck goes well with cheap pizza. And there’s a time and place for cheap pizza.

  17. awa Avatar


  18. Crystal Avatar

    Well, as fun as it was to read most of these comments, I have to say Charles Shaw wasn’t the worst wine I’ve ever had. And at $2 a bottle, who can complain. I’m from Canada and was in California for a holiday earlier this year – my fiance and I had to try it just to say we had. Please consider that the cheapest bottle of wine I can find is made right here in Canada, in British Columbia, and is around $10 CAN (last weekend the Canadian dollar was worth about 95 cents to 1 US dollar – you do the math) and is almost worse than the CS. If there were a Trader Joe’s close by, I’d be buying the stuff by the case. My fiance and I are adult students and have 3 kids from previous marriages- so money is tight, but we do enjoy wine with dinner and friends occasionally. The drawback – the heartburn.
    Thanks for listening!

  19. S Camara Avatar
    S Camara

    I have moved from California to Idaho and want to order some wine…is there a website to order from Trader Joe’s, there is no Trader Joe’s here, would love to have one or open one!!!!! Any info would be helpful!!!!

  20. BS From canada Avatar
    BS From canada

    When visiting a friend in Westland Mi recently we had a bottle of Robert Mondovy and then “two buck Chuck” and ya know it is not half bad. You might serve it to your mother-in-law,but for a nice cheap evening drink….pretty good !!

  21. Paul Avatar

    I have purchased 2BC for years. The quality varies with the batch. Once or twice I have gotten a case of Merlot as good as a KJ or Sebastiani. Once or twice it has been really subpar. More often then not is is an acceptable “quaffing” wine as one gent put it but not in that context. Any wine can have its sub par moments if it gets stuck in a backroom somewhere at 140F for awhile or in the back of a truck to MI. As long as you find the right drinking temperature, and that is important, for 2BC it can be a remarkably good wine. I like Sebastinai and KJ Merlot as much as anyone else but paying 7-10 (BevMo sometimes only 10 bucks) times as much for maybe 2-3 times the quality? ehh..sometimes the math does not work.

  22. JJC3 Avatar

    Last year, my wife and I purchased a case of 2$C Shiraz. We didn’t really enjoy the first bottle, however, since we sprung $25 for the case, we didn’t want to waste it. A couple of meals/bottles later, we still weren’t convinced the price was worth it. We used the rest for cooking and cheap giveaways. If you want a reasonably priced but very lively and drinkable wine, think Australian!

  23. David Avatar

    I will keep this concise, it is TWO DOLLAR WINE! It is not made with the intention of competing with more expensive wines. It is, however, a very good cheap wine. For $2 a bottle, this was a staple when I was in college. The quality is not terrific but when it is between say a bottle of Ravenswood or Smoking Loon for $9 and Good Ol’ Chuck for $2 and you are on a budget, your dollar goes further and by the second bottle, it doesn’t much matter.

    It is annoying to read the posts of people who think that wine is the drink of the upper class and two buck Chuck is an affront to the hegemony. PLEASE. It’s wine, who cares? If people like it, great, if not, spend your money on more expensive wine.

  24. CMH Avatar

    AMEN DAVID! I just drank a half bottle of the aforementioned concoction, and all I can say is, it gave me a sweet buzz! I believe I will use the remaining half in a big ole’ batch of spag sauce. Cheap wine drinkers of the world unite!

  25. Peter Avatar

    This has been the most fun reading a blog I’ve had in a long time. I loved reading all the comments. Dave, thanks for the great reviews. Daniel, very well put. I was looking for some information on 2BC and stumbled across this thread. I am hosting a wine class this weekend and I’m putting a 2BC in a blind tasting, along with some OK and very good Cal. Cabs, as well as a Bordeaux. I can’t wait, because I get asked so often “what do you think of two Buck Chuck?”. We will soon find out. But more importantly, others hopefully will be able to decide for themselves. If you don’t have a reference point, then who knows what’s good or bad stuff? Thanks very much for the great info on the wine, and the entertaining opinions! There seems to be a lot of people who really need to take a stand on this wine!

  26. Peter Avatar

    Here is a very enlightening article on the maker of Two Buck Chuck if any body still cares.

  27. Madrone Avatar

    I cannot drink 2 buck chuck. About 8 years ago I had an art opening. Two buck chuck was not famous. I got a case of the cabernet for the opening. Back then it was drinkable. Now I think it is undrinkable, whatever they did to it. Blah. I have since studied wine and have come to believe that about $10 can get a good wine.. I have many l like in the $20 range. A good cheapie from Trader Joes is Casa Del Diablo cabernet, from Chile. Its got a nice bite. check it out.

  28. Tim Avatar

    I like the taste of 2 Buck Chuck Merlot.

    10 of 10 is a little high but for the price it is a “Great Wine”.

    My other favorite super cheap wine is BV Century Cellars Merlot.

    I don’t like high end Chardonnays generally but can drink 2BC fine.

    With dinner I drink $3/gallon milk, $4.00/gallon Gatorade, 10 cent/glass tea, 40 cent soda, 60 cent juice.

    In Italy I drank chianti and Sangiovese that was very good for $2-3/ bottle. Can’t find nearly as good here.

    If I drink $10/bottle wine I may spend $1,800 dollars on wine this year.

    If wine cost over $20/bottle I will almost never buy wine.

    Cheap wine is great!!!!!!!!!!
    I personally don’t think other wine is worth it.

  29. RJP Avatar

    From Wikipedia:

    “Charles Shaw is an example of the recent trend of economy-minded wine drinkers seeking the greatest value. In particular the brand stands out not only for the low cost, but also for the respectable packaging and semi-frequent high ratings at wine tasting events. For example, at the 28th Annual International Eastern Wine Competition, Shaw’s 2002 Shiraz received the double gold medal, besting the roughly 2,300 other wines in the competition. [1] More recently, Shaw’s 2005 California chardonnay was judged Best Chardonnay from California at the 2007 California State Fair Commercial Wine Competition. The chardonnay received 98 points, a double gold, with accolades of Best of California and Best of Class.”

    So mister pompos wine boy… piss off.

  30. rvrwader Avatar

    When I first started enjoying wine I thought Charles Shaw was a good but cheap wine. The more I start enjoying good wines then go back to Charles Shaw I wonder why I liked them in the first place. You can find much better wines for just a few dollars more.

  31. rvrwader Avatar

    RJP Have you ever had a good wine. I have this feeling that the awards they have received were a joke between the judges. I bought some of the Chardonnay after hearing about it winning double gold. What a disappointment. We ended up using the remaining bottles for cooking since it wasnt suitable for drinking. If you want a decient cheap wine try offerings from Barefoot Wineries. Very good for the price. Not great but worth the money spent.

  32. Diane Avatar

    I have tried all the 2$Chuck’s and found them to be fine everyday table wines. They are not the finest wines I’ve ever had, but drinkable. I have a glass or two of wine daily and am thrilled to get a cheap bottle every now and then. Is it the best wine I’ve ever had? Hell no! But not bad for a table wine or a gathering around the campfire. Wine snobs, Get a life!

  33. sid dixon Avatar

    2-Buck Chuck Cab is pretty good.Will buy it again. Paid $2.99 for it in N.C.

  34. winosid Avatar

    want an inexpensive merlot, try Columbia Crest 2 vines. 2002 and 2003 are good for about 6 bucks.

  35. Lindsey Avatar

    CS must have a high degree of variability around the country. I drink wine a lot — from mega-buck to two-buck Chuck, and the CS Merlot is always a great value. The cab and shiraz I’ve had have always been more than acceptable, too.

    I’ve had $20 aussie wines that would choke a maggot. I’m almost afraid to try Aussie again, I’ve been disappointed so many times.

    For “affordable” wine, I’ll take CS over box wine or “big jug” wine in a heart-beat. And yes, taste is in the taste-bud of the beholder.

  36. bob j Avatar

    I like 3 buck chuck (in seattle wa 2.99).

    cheap, drinkable, made in th eUS without Chinese toxins, and in this downward spiral trashed US economy …affordable for dinner.

    better wine will always be, just like vinyl kicks a digitial iTunes download…

    they both do what they are supposed to do…

    deal with it… it is ONLY a 3 dollar bottle of freackin’ wine for god’s sake…

    not a stolen election!


  37. joboo Avatar

    from consumer reports, ALL WAY BETTER THEN 2 BUCK YUCK.

    CABERNET SAUVIGNON Dry, medium-bodied; good with grilled meat, oily fish, rich sauces.

    Columbia Crest Grand Estates Columbia Valley (WA) 2003

    $9.80 Easy drinking, jammy, with ripe black fruit and wood.
    Rosemount Estate Shiraz-Cabernet (Australia) 2004

    7.50 Intense red and black fruit flavors; hints of spice and wood.

    CHARDONNAY Dry, medium-bodied; good with foods with butter, cream, cheese.

    Alamos The Wines of Catena Mendoza (Argentina) 2005

    9.90 Tasty balance of fruity, woody, buttery flavors.
    Stone Cellars by Beringer (CA) 2005

    5.80 Well-blended; fruity and toasted flavors with lively acidity.

    MERLOT Dry, medium-bodied; good with barbecued ribs, roasted dishes.

    Concha y Toro Casillero Del Diablo (Chile) 2005

    8.60 Rich ripe fruit flavors with good tannin and acidity. Very smooth.
    Bogle Vineyards (CA) 2004

    9.20 Full-flavored, with ample fruit. Medium- to full-bodied.

    PINOT GRIGIO Dry, light-bodied; good with finger foods, seafood, salads.

    Hogue Columbia Valley (WA) 2005

    7.30 Soft fruit flavors with crisp acidity and a citrusy finish.
    McManis Family Vineyards (CA) 2005

    9.80 Light, crisp: classic pinot grigio.

    RIESLING Very slightly sweet, medium-bodied; good with seafood, hors d’oeuvres, fruits, nuts.

    Covey Run Columbia Valley (WA) 2005

    7.20 A nice range of classic Riesling (floral and citrus) flavors.

    ZINFANDEL Dry, full-bodied; good with grilled foods, including meats and eggplant.

    Rancho Zabaco Dancing Bull (CA) 2004

    9.00 Rich berry, wood, and jammy flavors balanced with tannin and acid.

  38. bob Avatar

    The response and the uproar over “Two Buck Chuck” was enough to make me go purchuse a bottle. The wine snobs make me laugh.

  39. QuotheRaven Avatar

    Having heard a lot about Two Buck Chuck but having no access to it, we were pleased when a Trader Joe’s opened in South Charlotte. Up ’til now, our “cheap” wine favorite has been Harris Teeter’s private branded Oak Creek cabernet @ $3.99 a bottle or ~ $43 a case (their chard is NOT recommended). This cab was rated “good” by the Wall Street Journal’s wine columnists.

    Our daughter bought a case of Three Buck Chuck – six for her and six for us. When she and my wife went out to a play, our son-in-law and I decided to have a blind taste off. Both Oak Creek and 3-Buck go well with pizza; they also goes well with our local favorite: barbecue. He preferred the Oak Creek while I enjoyed the 3-Buck by a small margin. Neither of us are wine connoisseurs, but we do know good food and good drink.

    Would I serve either to guests? In a word, no. Nonetheless, I usually go thru 5-6 bottles of table reds a month and $18/mo. is a whole lot better than $40-70.

    To all of you wine snobs – put a cork in it. Neither of the aforementioned wines is supposed to compete with a 1984 Opus One or a Mondavi Reserve cab. To those of you who understand that a glut in the wine market has afforded us the opportunity to imbibe barrels and barrels of “value” wines of all colors, I say Slainte!

  40. Normal Avatar

    Once upon a time it was Gallo HB on friday nite with 30 and ’61 Leoville LasCass on saturday nite with just another…now 25 years later and me doctor’s prescription for at least 12 oz of red wine which is just a beer in volume…so two beers or 24 oz of red wine… must be twice the good …if I hit power ball I’d still be drinkin ’61 clarets six nites a week instead of ole chuck red any red at 3 which is 18 a week

  41. Lisa Avatar

    I bought 2BC for the first time this weekend. I’m sampling the Shiraz at the moment, and it isn’t bad. I wouldn’t serve it to guests or take it to a party but for sipping while I’m lounging on the couch surfing the net, it’s drinkable. I’ve spent far more for wine that was so bad I had to pour it down the drain. It’s $3.29 a bottle, for god’s sake!

  42. Donna Chicago Avatar
    Donna Chicago

    charles shaw sucks!

  43. Dylan Avatar

    You know, I’m really surprised and happy that the Chuck has started such a fierce dialog. People who may have never tried wine of ANY sort due to it’s snobby stigma and dizzying array of choices might be willing to spare some pocket change for a bottle of Shiraz. Then who knows, we might have a new oenophile in the world with a fun, interesting hobby. This thread (and this site) have certainly given me a nice jumping-off point to broaden my wine horizons without breaking the bank.

    Incidentally, Chuck’s Cabernet and Chardonnay are great, and made in the USA by a vintner who loves to shake the industry. Serve it at parties and nobody will complain.

  44. Paul Avatar

    I bought two bottles of wine today. One was a decent bottle and the other was Charles Shaw. I am going to savor the first bottle. After this, I am going to take that bottle of Two-buck Chuck to the dome in about three gulps. You see, Two-buck Chuck is great for alcoholic wine lovers. One bottle just isn’t going to get me to sleep at night, but two bottles of decent wine per day is a bit pricey. Sure one could say, “But Paul, surely you could just buy a 5th of Popov to drown away your sorrows.” However, my friends, I feel as though I am a bit too cultured for such a banal state of alcoholism. Two-buck Chuck is a great, inexpensive means of facilitating one’s escape from reality. Remember: After six glasses your taste buds don’t really work anyway.

  45. Dante Avatar

    This is off-topic, but as I scanned this looong thread I noticed a lot of stabs at the Mid West. I’m from Michigan, and I noticed it mentioned specifically multiple times. How did we become the archetype of wine ignorance? I wasn’t aware of this particular stereotype, but I don’t understand it. Anybody out there heard of any of the wineries in the northwest lower pennisula of Michigan? Leelanau Cellars, or any of the Old Mission wineries? The region produces some very enjoyable wines at affordable prices, generally speaking. Furthurmore, the world is getting smaller as they say. Virtually everything is available to everyone especially thanks to the internet, so no state, region, or country has a monopoly on “good wine”. (Unless you’re in one of those sorry states that doesn’t allow direct shipping of wine, then you might be a little out of the loop, but this doesn’t include Michigan!) Get over yourself, California.

  46. uglicoyote Avatar

    What the hell? Snobs are a hoot. I love the posturing. I’ll bet Daniel actually refers to himself as an “enophile” in public. More’s the pity.

    I’ve had occasion to try 2BC and found it acceptable as what it is. It doesn’t pretend to be anything more than an inexpensive table wine. I’ve had $40 bottles of wine that tasted horrible and ended up going down the drain.

    BTW, I started drinking Gallo Hearty Burgundy back in San Francisco in 1969. I still buy and enjoy a bottle now an then. Brings back colorful memories.

    Here in Idaho we don’t have a Trader Joes (wish we did) but in my town we have a store called “The Grapevine” which stocks a wide variety of wines of varying price and quality. I prefer reds.

    I’ve really enjoyed this thread. Thanks to all.

  47. Keith Avatar

    I think some people are losing site of what this wine is…it’s $3 a bottle! For that, I think it’s extremely drinkable. Sure it doesn’t have all the structure and flavor of a $10 a bottle (trying to stay in the cheap catagory) but I find it to be a very drinkable wine. I have 2 cases of cab, 1 shiraz and 1 merlot next to me right now!

  48. Tony Avatar

    WOW – I just received 2 cases of Shaw Cab and was told it tasted great for a $2.00 bottle. I was a buyer of wines for a chain of shops in Texas and thought I knew a little about wine but to my surprise this must rate as one the best $2.00 wines out there. A 10/10 NO! but maybe a 7.

  49. Dave Lenz Avatar
    Dave Lenz

    Makes you wonder what the real cost of bringing low tier wines to market really is—A large number of those wines in the 5-10 dollar range are certainly corporation owned and really not much better. If Fred Franzia can bring something drinkable to market in that price range so be it -it can’t be bad for the consumer and should serve notice to that part of the industry that they can’t just keep raising prices and padding profits for wallstreet in lockstep.

  50. Bryan Avatar

    i like everclear and grape juice… $2 Chuck sounds classy. they don’t have any nearby though. ;-(

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