Charles Shaw (Two-buck-chuck) Cabernet

When people find out that I enjoy cheap wine enough to devote a website to it, they usually ask me if I have been to Trader Joe’s. My response, until last week, has always been “No, not yet”.

Well, I finally caved and took a trip to Detroit, the nearest Trader Joe’s location for me here in Lansing. Ann Arbor might actually be closer, but as an MSU Spartan, I try to stay out of there.

Trader Joe\'s - Home of Charles Shaw Wines

I’d like to preface this review of Charles Shaw Cabernet with a synopsis of Trader Joe’s. If you have one near you, go there. If not for the wine, then for the thousands of food items that pack the small market. I spent 80 dollars, which sounds like a bit much especially for me. I ended up leaving with 2 cases of wine and enough food for a week. Fresh mozzarella, fresh gnocchi, fresh salsa (notice a pattern?), Guacamole chips, Trader Joe’s Marinara, soups, veggies…. I was in heaven. They have got all kinds of cheeses, breads, meats, micro-brewed beers, and their wine selection was out of this world. What a great store!

Trader Joe’s is the exclusive retailer of Charles Shaw Wines, better known to most as “Two-buck Chuck”. In California these wines sell for $1.99, which is just amazing. Here in Michigan, though, the price was $2.99.

Did we like it? Was it worth the trip?

Hell yes it was! For 3 dollars, I don’t think it could have been any better. The Cabernet was great. At first, I found it to be a little sweet, but looking back, I was actually enjoying the salsa with the wine, which probably wasn’t a great combination. Along with the Cab, I also purchased some of the Shiraz, Merlot, and Chardonnay (reviews coming soon).

Congrats to Two-Buck-Chuck and Trader Joe’s for achieving the highest rating available here on Cheap Wine Reviews. Hats off to you!

Rating: 10/10
Price: $2.99
Place of Purchase Trader Joe’s




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  1. david Avatar

    I am a wine quaffer who drinks at least two bottles a night. Over the holidays I held my nose and bought a bottle of Charles Shaw Shiraz and a ..gulp case of their savignon blanc. I hate to rain on the parade of people who actually think Charles Shaw is actually wine, but it isn’t. I think it belongs more to the genre of wines like MD 2020 or Gallo in the gallon bottle. It took me a couple bottles consumed and a pack of Marlboro Ultra Lights before I could stomach the savignon blanc. Try it yourself because it is very cheap, but it is the worst wine you will ever drink. I am not a snob even though I just finished a bottle of 1999 Casanova di Niri which is about the finest wine in the entire world this evening. Trader Joes had a wine called Dona Sol from Chile for five dollars. In spite of variable quality from bottle to bottle it was the nectar of the Gods. Don’t know if they ever had it again, but my gosh it was wonderful.

  2. Jill Avatar

    Charles Shaw is drinkable indeed as a daily table wine. In fact, I’m headed home from Virginia to Florida with several cases in my van (no Trader Joe’s in Florida). Here’s another recommendation I’ve not seen mentioned here–Barefoot Cellars. The cab. is my favorite, but the merlot is surely fine, too. In Florida, at Total Wine, it currently sells for 3.97/bottle. Rated in the high 90s. Other stores sell it for $5-7/bottle. Well worth the try, it is, in my opinion, a bit tastier than than Charles Shaw. These wine buys allow for regular wine enjoyment and the occasional splurge on a special bottle–may be a Steele Zin or a Ridge cab…

  3. Brad Avatar

    I’m surprised by some of the venom directed to Daniel and other wine lovers who don’t like Charles Shaw. They didn’t attack anyone for liking it but offered their opinions and some information for those interested. How about some civility? I’m a student and try to save money but at the same time I’m really sick of Charles Shaw’s wine which shows up at every party and college event. To me it’s the equivalent of wonder bread and I find the aroma slightly nauseating. I’ve found lots of wines (mostly Spanish and French) at a small local wine shop in the 5 to 10 dollar range that have varietal character and, while not block busters, can be interesting. By talking with the shop employees, I get guided to wines I like (not an option at TJs). Moreover I like variety, not the same thing over and over. However I have found a tolerable use for the bottles of 2 buck chuck that people have brought to my house. Sangria: just add brandy and a little anisette, pour in a glass filled with ice and garnish with green apple slices.

  4. Michael Avatar

    Just a tip…TJ’s has a La Boca a cab and a malbec from Argentina for 2.99 a bottle which is terrific considering the price..we used a case at our Holiday party for mulled wine and everyone loved it and went home snookered..Its fine mulled or not.

  5. Stephen Richards Avatar
    Stephen Richards

    Well, I wrote a personal note to Mr. Clayton and mailed it off to him at his eatery. I made mention that his attitude towards the people on this site and their personal preferences are ridiculous due to the fact that we are simply speaking of “Cheap Wine”. 2-buck Chuck IS that. Cheap. So it fits the topic. I have drank this wine. And I have drank $400.00 bottles of wine as well. You are to drink what you like. If pursuing the wine industry as a form of art (which I am and it is), then okay. You may need to have a trained nose or eye etc. But my God!! To put so many people down (as Mr. Clayton has done) is what makes people nervous about learning wine in the first place. It did me. I guess he forgot maybe where he came from. You know Success can spoil the nicest folks. I’m glad to know that there are people who are happy talking about wine and searching for it as well. Oh yes, I wonder why a wine snob like him is even bothering to find cheap wine? Even if it is good would it be good enough for him?? I invite Mr. Clayton to hold a blind chocolate taste test as well.

    I’ll bet Whitmans might not be so bad when comparing tastes to Godiva or Sees.

  6. Marjorie Avatar

    ha! Such fierce dialogue. I believe my favorite reference is to “go back to Coors Light like you peasants are used to”.
    Let me say that I never was a wine drinker before drinking “cheap” wine. I am pretty conscious of wasting the precious few dollars I have. My husband and I are are young parents living in a ridiculously expensive area (California Bay Area). We are both educated and enjoy good food, drink, entertainment, and company. We both work in the non-profit sector hoping to improve living conditions and opportunities for all those “Coors Light” drinkers you look down upon.
    Now, I’d never open two cans of Coors Light every night, but 4 out of 7 nights of the week, we each enjoy two glasses of red wine.

    Because we can “splurge” on cases of 2BC, we also try higher priced wines and invite friends over for blind tasting.
    To be honest, 2BC consistency in taste isn’t too reliable, but it is way more decent than most 7-10 dollar bottles we have tried.

    The highest priced bottle I’ve had the privilege to taste is Heller Estate $60 bottle that a friend (who pretended to be a wine snob) brought from a wine tasting in the Carmel Valley. The bottle was heavenly, but I’d have to get several more promotions to ever buy a bottle myself, other than as a gift for someone well-off. I only know the price because I immediately looked up the empty bottle online.

    Beyond that, I’d like to ask Mr. Executive (Chef?) whether price=taste.
    We recently ordered a “$30” dollar bottle at dinner that tasted wonderful.
    Red Diamond Merlot from Washington.

    I later saw the bottle at Trader Joe’s for $6.

    Overall, thanks to 2 buck chuck, my hisband and I do buy $13 (ooh, fancy!) bottles of wine and frequently go wine tasting in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Half Moon Bay, and Napa. When we make those special trips, we do buy special $25 bottles and save them for friends or a special occasion.

    Consider 2BC “the gateway drug” of wine…..

  7. John Nguyen Avatar
    John Nguyen

    I had 2006 Chadonnay, it tasted fine to me, but I can not find TJ’ in Houston TX, does any store in Houston carring 2 buckc chrk deal.
    Or I can mail order from ?
    It is good tasted 10 ++,

  8. Michele Avatar

    I am sipping a 2BC Shiraz as I write this note. It is OK. Actually, I little better than OK. For $2, Ok is Ok w/me! Decanting any red will improve its taste, so by an inexpensive decanter and enjoy even more. I had never been to TJ’s until a few days ago and had never had a $2 (actually $3 where I live) bottle of wine. But, the economy sucks and I can’t afford to drink my beloved Caymus every night, so Thank You TJ’s! Love the food, too!

  9. Tim in Illinois Avatar
    Tim in Illinois

    I am just beside myself by so many of these entries. Wine is something to enjoy. Some people like merlot, other people enjoy a cab, but to see so many individuals criticize each other over what they “should try” or “should like” is just ridiculous. I managed an upscale wine and gourmet food store for several years. This was several years ago and still have not scratched the surface of the world of wines. My favorite drink of choice, a sparkling wine or champagne. I am currently addicted to a $6.99 a bottle of sparkling called Cristalino. For an everyday sparkling, it is great. It is budget friendly and does the trick. I enjoy talking about wine, but am far from a snob when it comes to it. When asked what I would recommend to go with a bottle of Krug or Cristal, my response is always the same, Nachos Bel Grande from Taco Bell. Give it a try, you might be surprised. To me it is the best way to spend an evening with a good friend. Wine to me is like a religion, very personal and means something different to everyone. I find it appaling how people will turn their nose up at someone who drinks ‘two-buck chuck’. If you like it, drink it! If you don’t, find a bottle you do like and enjoy that. Tell your friends and families of good wines you have tried, but come on, don’t judge people and make them feel small because of what wine they happen to think is ’10/10′. Drink in good health!

  10. Ethan Avatar

    Ha! The pretentiousness of some people. Fred Franzia despite his roughness around the edges ( is surely on to something. Pretentious people who can’t get past their own egos…

    But I digress. I have enjoyed many a bottle of some amazing $100+ bottles of wines from vendors wishing to get my signature. Enjoyed I have! I also have been spectacularly surprised by the Charles Shaw (aka Two Buck Chuck) Shiraz. I’m mostly a Cab drinker, however a decent Cabernet often can’t be found for a small dollar. The CS Shiraz, however, brings back the wonderful memories of all the $100+ bottles I’ve had over the years. Is it as good as the much pricier bottles? Let’s be realistic. Of course it isn’t. But just the fact that I can enjoy it and equate it to much pricier fare is amazing.

    That said, I am a red drinker and find CS Merlot and Cabernet unacceptable. For my cheap Cabernet I look to my Fetzer, though apparently the word is up on this wine which I used to secure for $4/bottle and is now at $7, though still worth every penny and imho can hold it’s own to most $25 bottles I have tasted.

    Yes, I can enjoy a superb expensive wine even when my counterparts can’t discern a bit of difference from a bad table variety, yet I can also look at wine with reason. If *I* like it and it doesn’t give me a wicked hangover in the morning, there may just be something there…

    TJ’s to me is a pilgrimage. At a 2 hour drive, I must plan my event with great care, often working an entire weekend getaway around the great event. Between the fabulous food and value wines, I am always as gitty as a small school child when I pull up to this wondrous place. I am, however, exceptionally pissed off that they don’t have Aronia Berry juice anymore. Another in a long line of things the average consumer hasn’t caught onto.

  11. John Hightower Avatar
    John Hightower

    I’ve liked the CS Pinot, Shiraz and Chardonnay the best, using them for a solo glass of wine or for cooking. CS will not thrill a demanding palate, so it’s not for entertaining or for bring to a dinner party. But it is a great bargain and perfect for, say, a college budget.

  12. Jim Kyes Avatar
    Jim Kyes

    I generally drink Woodbridge by Mondavi as a general use wine. Charles Shaw 2005 was better!

  13. CB Avatar

    I would surely try it, as a fan of the Ten Dollar 1.75 Liter JUG-0-VODKA. But alas, the only Trader Joe’s in the country that does NOT have alcohol is the one in Towson. Shame on you Traitor Joe, is a college town not allowed to buy cheap booze and good craft beers in a mid-size market? Or maybe its a bum problem… I’m sure they make at least 2 bucks an hour out there and they’d be flocking to TJs.

  14. Taylor Avatar

    Funny, I figured “wine snob” was just an artful, apocryphal term, but I guess I’ve been schooled.

    I have no problem with anyone’s opinion, even if they hate a wine. But the naked condescension in some of these posts is pathetic.

    Two-buck Chuck is a simple table wine whose price can’t be beat. I think I prefer the Merlot. I was pleasantly surprised by the Valdiguie, completely unpretentious and it reminded me of Nouveau Beaujolais, when I lived in France.

    The main reason I buy Charles Shaw? Because after trying various low-end bottles for the last 20 years (all of them recommended by the same pompous asses who post here), most in the $10 – $15 range, I find no practical difference. If I find something more reliable, I’ll move up. Until then, I’ll save my dollars.

  15. Bob Avatar

    Jeesh this article is old, yet people are still posting comments. It has to say something about the wine other than its price.

    Also, why are so many “wine snobs” reading

    2Buck Chuck is what it is- affordable and tollerable if not likable.

  16. Jacki Avatar

    I’ve purchased CS wine before and thought for the price it was fairly good. I was searching for a sweet red wine to replace a favorite of mine no longer produced when I came across these comments of CS wine. I am amazed by the “snobbery” of so called wine experts. If some of them used as much passion equalled to their slamming and downgrading of this wine the world would be a better place. Get over it, it just wine!

  17. Mrs. Polly Avatar
    Mrs. Polly

    Still Arguing! This is impressive. I read and reread the much-reviled Daniel the Executive Nibbler’s review; why were so many people so VERY p.o.’d? He didn’t directly insult CS drinkers, yet I found I was reflexively p.o.’d at him too. I think it was because the idea of finding a decent two dollar wine is exciting, and his comment was aimed at busting that bubble.
    My parents were wine enthusiasts, and all the nicest wines I ever got to drink were at good restaurants, courtesy of my father. I would have a single glass of something so wonderful each sip was like a poem, and demanded one’s full attention.
    Sometimes a person simply doesn’t have the full attention to pay, much less the money. Sometimes, I just want my wine to shut up, stop being a diva and make nice with my spaghetti. I just had the CS merlot last night, and it was fine. Fine! It was absolutely a good dinner guest.
    At home, my mom drank what the British call “plonk”. Two Buck Chuck would be a step up from the anaemic stuff she’s drinking now; it has a fox head on the label, that’s all I remember. She doesn’t live near TJ’s, so I’ll be taking her a care package of the CS Merlot, plus some multigrain crackers and white bean dip with basil. Blessings on Trader Joe’s, because the whole thing will cost me under ten dollars.

  18. Paige Avatar

    Holy wine snobs.

  19. Brandie Avatar

    I have never posted on anything like this before, but i just can’t resist. Ya’ll all need to just RELAX! Have you not had a glass tonight? If you have the cash, you buy the amazing stuff. If you don’t have the cash, you buy what you can afford. Good Grief. And yes, I should be banned from posting to this thread since I am a Texas girl and do not have a Trader Joe’s here in Dallas. I drink a WIDE variety of inexpensive and expensive wines. Ease up on the ‘ol wine experts. And you wine experts, ease up and the wine novices. It’s all good! You like what you like! Don’t take the fun and enjoyment out of your “embibement”!

  20. Kaylee Avatar

    I’m actually horrified that our dear friend Daniel has asserted that “wine is not available in the Midwest as it is here in California.” As a native Michigander, I’m absolutely offended by this assumption, which is incredibly untrue. His reference to living in Kansas City, MO that follows the quoted statement is also an incredibly worthless evaluation of his prior knowledge, being that comparing Michigan and Missouri is apples to oranges.

    I enjoy Charles Shaw’s shiraz for the bi-weekly dinners that my husband and I share with family; there are a lot of us and not a lot of spare money after purchasing food to prepare for everyone who comes to visit. No one seems to mind that it’s not “perfect”, and it certainly does the job in terms of a good “warm” feeling.

    CS deserves a 10 out of 10 for what it is.

    PS, Dave– The Ann Arbor Trader Joe’s welcomes Spartans anytime. I count myself as a fan of the green and white, and I’ve also lived here in A2 for 7 years. This has never caused conflict for me outside of that annual fateful fall day when the rival college football game takes place! 🙂

  21. ChuckLover Avatar

    Look guys I just want to get loaded and this is the best value I can find, I moved from Natural Ice beer ($10 a 30 pack) to this because it’s a better buzz per buck factor.

  22. Tami Avatar

    what is going on? all of this from just one person giving us their opinion? that’s all it is……one persons opinion. if you don’t like two buck chuck then don’t drink two buck chuck, if you do like two buck chuck then have at it…..come on you guys. can’t we all just have a glass of any kind of wine and be happy? cheers……

  23. Michael F. Avatar
    Michael F.

    In Italy, they call it “vino da’ tavolo”. That’s everyday table wine folks. And it’s a lot better than most table wines I’ve had in Italy.

  24. Dennys Anderson Avatar
    Dennys Anderson

    I would say that here in Atlanta you can find some imports better and cheaper (2.47) than two buck chuck(2.99) and you can still enjoy a good bottle of wine for less. i would subgest to try to go to wholefoods and they have a mendoza swan lake from argentina that is really good and probable better than some other argentinian reds i tried out there. but on the two buck chuck the only one i like is the chardonnay that i use for cooking and to drink sometimes when the budget is not so good to buy a good bottle of wine. but you guys have to learn also to shop, today i found 3 good bottles sporttswoode, napa valley for $15 a bottle that is virtually almost everywhere for $94. 2001 neyers syrahs napa valley for $10 that is usually around $48-59 and an 2004 Hacienda Monasterio, ribera del duero(spain) for 4.99 a bottle that goes for $49-54 so you can find good “100” dollar bottles for less than 15 bucks and look around the wine clearance racks. you may find a diamond for the price of the two buck chuck

  25. MattD Avatar

    Wines and cigars have many parallels. Cuba is the hub of the cigar world but to assume all Cubans are good cigars is the same as assuming all French wines are good.
    I’m no Phd just a guy who has smoked alot of cigars on all ends of the spectrum and my fave is a 3 dollar cigar which blows away 10+ dollar cigars even among cigar snobs.
    As your palette matures with cigars wine or even beer, u will understand the subtle nuances that add up to a good experience.

  26. donvegas Avatar

    You’re all crazy! it’s $2 wine. what do you want. i drink it and for $2 its great.
    a drinkable wine for $2 retail. how could you complain?

  27. Cathy J Avatar
    Cathy J

    News flash to all the wet blankets: IT IS THREE DOLLARS. For an “extreme value” wine, I doubt you will find better.

    Though I’m able to afford better wines, I’ve started drinking it again due to how much wine I’m consuming over election stress. I’m becoming a low-end wino just to get by each day. No more Bogle or Bonterra for me.

    Cathy J
    Evanston, IL

  28. Wine Drinker Avatar
    Wine Drinker

    Compared to a $200, Two-Buck Chuck is lagging far behind. But for $2 a bottle? What do you expect? Either enjoy it for what it is (a great value wine) or spend the $200 to buy the premium wine and quit whining about Two-Buck Chuck not holding its own against premium wines costing 50X to 100X its price.

  29. sandra Avatar

    I must say, the finally opened a trader joes in the richmond, va area. Everyone was grabbing the Charles Shaw wines. I just had to try one because I had been hearing about them so much and had never been able to locate one. The cab, to me was actually bearable. I wouldn’t describe it as disgusting. Good acidity. I think it fits the market for people that just want something to sip and not have to commit to spending alot of money. Money for everyone seems to be a little tight, so I really can see that some people will actually be stocking up on these. Our trader joes is in an affluent part of town, but you should see how many bmw, volvo, benz driving people were putting cases in their car. Its not about the money, but what you can tolerate in your own mouth. Its kind of good to see so much opinion on a 3 dollar bottle of wine. The producers must have done something right, because they got us all talking about it one way or the other.

  30. randy t Avatar
    randy t

    In reality the Shaw wines at TJs are very good. And I hasten to add I have fooled many an expert! So save yourself some money, if that is a concern, and have an excellent White Z from TJs.

  31. Meagan Avatar

    I find this all so comical.

    Wow- it’s Two Buck!

    Sure, there are plenty of good inexpensive wines (personally, I’m a big fan of Ravenswood- especially their Zin!)

    But for shits sake, you can’t beat the price of a case of Two Buck. I like to mix it up- mostly the Merlot, a couple Shiraz, and some White Zin. I’m not in love with the Cab, though I don’t enjoy most Cabs.

    My husband has probably put it best- Two Buck is number Two… ie: the bottle you bring out after you’ve consumed the first, better tasting, higher quality wine. It is a phenomenal value and an exceptional to be able to have many bottles flowing at holiday gatherings, dinner parties and casual evenings with friends.

    We purchase a case every October to cellar for the rest of the year. At Halloween, we relabel ours with “spooky” labels to serve to our guests at our annual party. No one has yet to complain. At Christmas, bottles appear in lovely velvet bags on each tables. And everyone enjoys it.

    If served at the correct temperature, Two Buck is more than adequate. Try it.

  32. Crys Avatar

    I am new at wine tasting so I am not that educated on what a “good wine” is…what I do know is that 2bc’s shiraz was barely tolerable for me. The alcohol content in it was enough to steal my breath so when the taste part of it came, I already knew it was all over. When I found out how in expensive it was (i didn’t buy it, a friend brought it over) I wasn’t surprised that it was so bad.

    If you are buying it to get a cheap buzz, then 2bc is the wine for you.

    I would like to actually enjoy the wine, so I am moving on from here.

    I have two other bottles of 2bcs in the fridge and I’m debating on just pouring them out and keeping the bottles for candle holders, lol.

  33. Liz Avatar

    The first reviewer is a SNOB!

  34. Jersey Guy Avatar
    Jersey Guy

    Just bought a case of Chard in Westfield NJ….killed a bottle…feeling good….very smooth…little funky aftertaste..$2.99 though the best….will have to drink the other 11 bottles to give my final opinion…I’ll post in about 1 week

  35. DC Person Avatar
    DC Person

    It had been years since I’d bought 3 buck chuck, and in the spirit of the recession I picked up a bottle of Shiraz. I was transported back a dozen years to drinking warm Thunderbird in college. I’m not picky by any means – but I couldn’t even finish a glass.

  36. Scott Avatar

    What a thread.
    3.00 wines are more relevant now than ever!

    I just picked up a bottle of Shaw’s Cab Sauv 2007 from Trader Joes in Columbus.

    Yeah, it’s a wine in pretty much the same way Kraft grated Parmesan’s a cheese. Or how Miller Lite is a beer. It bears enough resemblance to a wine, and is a reasonable substitute for the price in dollars. Hey, McDonald’s makes “cheeseburgers,” and people eat those up like crazy. It’s something that you don’t have to think that much about.

    Of course if you spend your days studying wines you’re likely to hate it. In fact, in that case even if you’re secretly impressed, you’d be likely to slam it if for no other reason that it makes a mockery of the spirit of artisanship.

    But if you like a glass from time to time with your Michelina’s spaghetti box dinner, then it’s all you, man — enjoy it!

    It’s wine as a commodity. As inoffensive as background music or Monet prints on the wall. As in most things — if you like it, then drink it. If not, then don’t. It won’t kill the people who like it. If you think the others are reaching their judgement about it in error, then help them learn about wine. But do it nicely. Life’s too short to squabble.

  37. Arthur Avatar

    Bravo Daniel Clayton. I did not find your erudite comments to either be snobbish or self promoting. Two buck chuck cab ($3 in Minnesota) is close to poisonous in my opinion, formed after trying a bottle when our Trader Joe’s initially opened. I am a bit surprised that people feel that Trader Joe’s beats up on the vendors to get low wine prices. I have found that their prices on recognizable labels are amongst the highest in the Minneapolis area. On the other hand, they do have a number of wines that no one else seems to sell that are relatively inexpensive and passable.

    However, in the long run, as my eldest son once told me, life is too short to seek out the perfect $5 or $6 that’s worth $12. Its taken me a long time to figure out that he is right!

  38. Leo Avatar


  39. K. Richards Avatar
    K. Richards

    We have been shopping, on and off, at Trader Joes since about 1970 at one of the first TJ’s in Caii. ( Santa Ana, CA) and has a delightful variety of items that beat out the big supers, not the least of which are their wines, so the disparaging remarks by ol’ Daniel are uncalled for!…
    “I have never purchased wine at TJ’s”…
    And the line about 2 Buck Chuck…”As I have not sampled the wine in over four years” makes him somewhat less an authority and more of a stuff shirted snob on an ego trip, since he’s sounding off in “Cheap Wine Reviews”…
    To sum up what I’ve read on this site, reminds me of the line from one of Eastwoods “Dirty Harry” movies, to wit …”opinions are like a___h___s, everybody’s got one”!

  40. VIC in BAMA Avatar
    VIC in BAMA

    I would start this like a Sailor. ” Your not gonna believe this SHUJIEYT” but here in Dixie the Wine buisness consist of the local Vinters making Muscadine wines and Blueberry Sharaz. If your drinking for your health you need to look into the southern Muscadine wines which are 40 times higher in Antitoxins, and some are accually great table wines. If your drinking for the ‘BUZZ”, change to Jack Daniels, you’ll get there quicker. If you really like the taste of a dry bitter Cabernay or Zinfandell like the wine Snoobs your really out of your area on this blog. I like em all, I am from the south. Don’t know much about wine, ( I like it A little Sweet) but I do know a lot about drinking.

  41. Tom LaLanne Avatar
    Tom LaLanne

    I want to limit my comments to TBC Chardonnay. Neither I nor my wife drink red wines, as they give us both headaches. Why? I don’t know, but they do. In my past life as a restaurateur, I was a very knowledgeable wine snob. I used to drink nothing but what I thought was a great wine for its price. These wines would usually cost $10 – $15 or more per bottle. I have since graduated into the real world. These days, I am interested in a drinkable wine that doesn’t break the home budget. TBC Chardonnay does that, and more. I would compare it in quality to most $5 and $6 bottles of Chard that are sold in other stores, and In TJ’s as well. For those of you who are nervous about drinking a wine that costs so little, give it a try. You’ll like it. It’s the greatest bargain out there.

  42. OTTO AU Avatar

    I don’t know what you Seppo’s are going on about?

    What did you expect for $2, gold? [fools @ that]

    Anyway, like near EVERYTHING from USA its made at the lowest possible price with no regard to quality.

    You want quality wine buy European, even the Aussies are making good plonk, but they make it strong, esp. the shiraz stuff.

    Drink whatever spins your top, don’t expect premium for $2 bucks

    I think they should sell it for $1.49, thats just me though!

    Cheers to drinking lots, and no hangovers lol

  43. Jack Avatar

    Enjoyed the fireworks over 2$C. Can’t get it in my area. I only drink wine occasionally. Dry wine burns my stomach, so it’s the 3 liter box of white zin in the fridge for me.

  44. Teri Avatar

    I recently served CS at a party. I was openly mocked by a guest from California and his girlfriend who, after insulting me and my partner for serving CS, proceeded to leave without saying goodbye. Now, I know what good wine is. I traveled with a wine importer for 4 years. I also know plenty of wine snobs. Well, CS is just fine for a party (as long as the party isn’t a “wine tasting” party). I know that boxes and screw tops preserve wine better than corks. I also know that wine snobs are usually self-absorbed jerks who try to make themselves seem important. I’ve been to enough tastings to know that a good wine is one that YOU like. From now on, I will serve CS to all my guests as a litmus test: those who mock my choice are not worthy of my friendship or my time. Those who are okay with it are probably intelligent, quality folks who really know wine (and social skills).

  45. Rose Rye Avatar
    Rose Rye

    Regarding Mr. Clayton’s first comment to your review, not wanting to resort to a juvenile badminton match, “well la dee dah !!!”. As a newly divorced wine afficianado and student of wine history who can, at least temporarily, no longer afford to spend what i’d like on wine, i will not turn my nose up at Two Buck Chucks, or the *gasp* $1.97 Foxbrook store brand at my local market. They are modest, tasty, more than adequate wines, sometimes with surprising complexity, always good with a simple meal. To infer that “the masses” are not worthy of enjoying wine is to reveal yourself as one of those “winesnobs” that kept me from delving into wine until later in life.

  46. Daniel Avatar

    Two Buck Chuck is horrible! Absolutely horrible. I can’t believe my eyes when reading some of these reviews. 10 out of 10?

    I am actually jealous of people who like this stuff, because they get to enjoy absolute crap for real cheap without leaving anything else to be desired. I really am jealous.

    For those that actually have working taste buds and noses (i.e. which have not been killed by years and years of liquor and fast food abuse), Two Buck Yuck is very painful. Luckily it is a pain that can be easily avoided with a few more dollars!

  47. Ron Avatar

    Love the CS Cabernet

  48. Kelly Avatar

    I am trying to find an inexpensive wine to serve at my wedding next month (some where in the $2 – $4 range) Crane lake was what i was recommended. I am still learning and exploring wines. All I want to know is that the wine will be ok enough for a majority of people to enjoy it with dinner and that I’m not going broke in the process. Any suggestions are more than appreciated!

    On a side note, I am disgusted with those of you who feel that by writing in a pretensious over refined fashion and talking down to people who simply are giving there two cents makes them superior! Ha! What a joke, does that really make your day? Give your opinion, maybe a few suggestions and be on your way. This isn’t a pissing contest after all.

  49. Gina Avatar

    Love the Cabernet! Can’t beat the price for a decent table wine. I don’t care for the Shiraz or the Merlot, but the Zin is okay. Everyone’s taste is different, so drink what you enjoy & if the wine can be had on the cheap, so much the better!!

  50. Tom Avatar

    I tried the merlot and chard for the first time after hearing about this wine for a long time. It was extremely bland with little real wine flavor, but its was $3 a bottle. For that price i dont expect much anyway so i would say for the price it was a good value. If i want something better ill spend more money, but if you just looking to sit down with your girl at the end of day, watch a movie and get tipsy it does the job. When you want a real wine to enjoy, get the good stuff.

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