Lindemans Bin 99 Pinot Noir 2004

Lindemans Pinot Noir 2004
In honor of the 14th Wine Blogging Wednesday, I am reviewing a “New New World” Pinot Noir.

My goal was to find something cheap and exotic. I hit the nail on the head with the cheap part (hopefully the cheapest, at $6.49), but Lindemans is far from exotic.

After searching several wine stores in this area, this Australian wine was indeed the cheapest Pinot Noir that I could find fitting the criteria.

Around these parts, Lindemans seems to be a popular choice for family-style restaurants. I have had it many times without any complaints.

The bottle itself is nowhere near as catchy and fun as the Twin Fin Pinot I reviewed a few weeks ago. The same goes for the wine.

I did have a small adventure getting the artificial cork out of this wine. I actually managed to get wine on my ceiling! Here is what happened: The cork was pushed in too far. It was pushed down from the lip of bottle about a half inch. It was too far down for my corkscrew to pull it out. I’ve had this happen once in the past, and I solved the problem by just pushing the cork into the bottle. This time, while attempting this feat, the pressure caused wine to squirt out of the hole that my corkscrew made. Not only did I ruin a perfectly good wife-beater t-shirt, but I actually got wine on my ceiling. I’m interested in hearing how others deal with this problem, since my solution seemed a bit messy.

After the cork fiasco, I poured a glass, swirled the ruby-red wine and sipped the first well-deserved sip. Strawberry and a little bit of oak were the first things I noticed. For a cheap wine, it is pretty easy to drink with a very nice finish. I have no complaints, but it is hard to give it a better rating that the rating I gave Twin Fin.

Check out the “data sheet” for some additional notes on this vintage.

I enjoyed this wine with some of Mom’s pasta with turkey meat sauce, but this wine could be paired with just about anything in my opinion.

Rating: 7 – No complaints. Good value.
Price: $6.49 (on sale)
Winery Info:
South Eastern Australia



8 responses to “Lindemans Bin 99 Pinot Noir 2004”

  1. David Avatar

    My thoughts…

    Hey Australia, stick to shiraz!!!

  2. Pierre Avatar

    This is a damn fine burger.
    Don’t compare it to a filet, but rather on its own merits in its own category… for what it is this is a cheapie that I share with family and friends.

  3. Ode Avatar

    Agree with Pierre.

    A friend and I had a bottle of Bin 99 last night with dinner — pasta and a vegetable sauce. Frankly, it’s a very drinkable wine, and I would not hesitate to share it with even my wino (I mean “wine snob”) friends.

    At the price, it’s an excellent value.

  4. Laura Avatar

    Thanks for your take on it. I was at the site, and looking for the perfect wine for a pork roast I’m cooking for some penny pinching and picky foody friends this weekend, and this was actually the bargain choice in the food/wine matching thingie.

  5. Yvette Avatar

    I am having my very first glass. It was a gift to welcome us to our new home, from a neighbor. I must say it has a soothing, romantic, warm flavor. It takes me to an evening walk along a beach. Gently sitting on the sand at the end of the water’s reach. Watching the water come to touch my toes as the sun meets the horizon and the wind gently blows. I encourage all (of legal drinking age)to experience what I have in a glass of Bin 99 Pinot Noir. Indulge responsibly.

  6. Moon Avatar

    It’s a good wine, but you can’t find it any more!


  7. Chelsie Avatar

    I tried this wine and it was decent enough.

    Here is my full review-

  8. Kristina Avatar

    I think it’s quite alright for a cheap vino..uh, I mean pinot.

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