Category: Pinot Noir

  • Chateau Chantal Pinot Noir 2004

    Last Friday on my way home from work I stopped by Dusty’s Cellar to get lunch and a bottle of wine. I picked out this Pinot Noir from northern Michigan to go with my Italian sub sandwich. Perfect match! Lots of oak in this Pinot, and it was spicier than most I’ve had. This one […]

  • Lindemans Bin 99 Pinot Noir 2004

    In honor of the 14th Wine Blogging Wednesday, I am reviewing a “New New World” Pinot Noir. My goal was to find something cheap and exotic. I hit the nail on the head with the cheap part (hopefully the cheapest, at $6.49), but Lindemans is far from exotic. After searching several wine stores in this […]

  • Cavit Pinot Noir 2002

    Well, after another long, hard night at work, I, like many people, feel the need to calm the nerves with a nice, cheap bottle of wine. For this very reason, I keep a 4-pack of these mini bottles in my drawer. Cavit Pinot Noir comes with 187ML in each bottle (if you buy the four […]

  • Twin Fin Pinot Noir 2004

    Okay I’ll admit it: One of those eye-catching wine stands in the store attracted me to this wine. Upon entering the all-too-familliar wine and liquor aisle at my local store, I was greeted today with a big surfboard shaped display of Twin Fin. This wine is being pushed as a fun, California summer wine. Check […]