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  • Wine Blogging Wednesday 17 Results

    Although I missed the boat on this one completely, the results are in for the latest Wine Blogging Wednesday over at CorkDork. This month’s objective was to try new red wines from New Zealand. 31 bloggers participated this time! Check it out!

  • FishEye Merlot 2003

    A review of FishEye Merlot wine – fruity, cheap and a good match for a pasta dinner!

  • Fortant White Merlot 2003

    I really wasn’t sure what to make about this whole white Merlot thing. Seems like they are playing a bit of catch-up to the White Zin here in America. Nevertheless, I thought I’d give a fair shot here on Cheap Wine Reviews. This one came from southern France. I guess it was a little sweeter…

  • Cheap Red Wine

    One of the highlights of visiting my parents these days is getting to try a new wine with them. I am usually the bringer of good sprits and good cheap wine, but this time my own dear mother supplied the wine. As a regular reader of Cheap Wine Reviews, she figured a wine with this…

  • Chateau Chantal Pinot Noir 2004

    Last Friday on my way home from work I stopped by Dusty’s Cellar to get lunch and a bottle of wine. I picked out this Pinot Noir from northern Michigan to go with my Italian sub sandwich. Perfect match! Lots of oak in this Pinot, and it was spicier than most I’ve had. This one…

Got any wine recommendations?