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  • 4 Easy Steps for a Cheap Wine Connoisseur

    Want to look like a wine connoisseur at your holiday party this year? If you’re bringing wine to a party, you should probably be able to say something about it. Here are a few simple steps that will allow anyone to give a simply, yet thoughtful review of any wine. Just remember the 4S’s: 1. See it […]

  • The Fox Barn’s Harvest White

    Since moving to Pensacola Beach from Michigan, I have been longing for a great, cheap, rich Michigan wine. Well, Harvest White from the Fox Barn Winery fits the bill! This semi-dry white has all the characteristics of the wine I loved so much from Michigan. Spicy, fruity and “snappy”, this wine was a perfect companion […]

  • Leelanau Cellars Witches’ Brew

    Leelanau Cellars markets this unique spiced wine as Witches’ Brew around Halloween, but let me assure you that it is a great wine to have on hand throughout the winter. This wine has two labels, the Halloween one (Witches Brew) and the label for the rest of the year, simply named Leelanau Cellars Spiced Wine. […]

  • Big Daddy Merlot 2002

    Part of becoming a connoisseur of cheap wines is knowing where to look for them. I’ll share with you one of my little secret places I attempt to seek out cheap wine: the “Reduced for Quick Sale” shelf at your local supermarket. At Meijer, my local super-mega-ultra-store, this shelf is usually located in the bottle […]

  • Hook and Ladder – The Tillerman White

    The best kinds of cheap wines are the kinds that have a rich story behind them. Well, The Tillerman White wine brought to you by the Hook & Ladder Winery certainly fits the bill. At first glance this wine label made no sense to me… Hook & Ladder? The Tillerman? After doing some research, I […]

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